What I Ate Wednesday – Green Smoothie & Acorn Squash!

What I Ate Wednesday – Green Smoothie & Acorn Squash!

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Happy Hump Day!! I’ve been doing a ton of research on how to grow my blog! So that means that this week I will be posting less on here and more on other social media! Make sure you are following me on pinterest and instagram!

Pre-Breakfast: I got this new pre-workout stuff that’s pretty kick ass! It’s an alkalizing green shake with all natural caffeine and 2 full servings of greens! (I’ll do a special post on that one later). Then I had my post workout shake Vega Protein!!

Educating Earthlings Post Workout

Breakfast Smoothie: Green Refresher with Strawberries!! See my recipe here!

Educating Earthlings - SmoothieEducating Earthlings - SmoothieEducating Earthlings - SmoothieEducating Earthlings - SmoothieEducating Earthlings - Smoothie

Snack: My go-to snack right now is PB and Apple Slices!! YES PLEASE!!

Educating Earthlings - Apple Snack

Lunch: Today i had leftovers from yesterday’s lunch. One roasted sweet potato stuffed with tofu and topped with my secret “cheesy” sauce!!

Educating Earthlings - Sweet Potato Tofu Lunch

Snack: I  literally just ate two pieces of plain toast…

Dinner: I made sweet rice stuffed autumn squash!! I need to post the full recipe on here it was so delicious!! Obviously the picture doesn’t do it justice. Trust me it was delicious!!

Educating Earthlings - Stuffed Autumn Squash

Well that’s another What I Ate Wednesday! I’ll be doing some construction on this blog for a few weeks, so stay tuned for when it’s back up! I’ll be giving away an awesome freebie! Follow me on instagram to find out more! @educating.earthlings

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