Camping Meal Prep – Plant Based

Camping Meal Prep – Plant Based

Getting ready for a camping trip can be exhausting. Usually you have to plan your meals ahead of time since you probably won’t be doing a lot of shopping or eating out. Today, I’ll show you some super easy camping meal prep ideas that are all plant based!

Plant Based Meal Prep

First of all I want to share with you briefly what a plant based diet consists of. “Plant based” is trending and it makes me so so happy! It’s the diet part of being vegan and I love that more people are showing concern for their health and this planet we live on by eating more plant based foods.

Read more about plant based vs. vegan over in this post: Vegan Lifestyle of Plant Based Diet?

For camping you want to make sure that you pack lots of ready to eat foods like raw fruits and veggies, Cliff Bars, Complete Cookies, nut butters and bread (I love Silver Hills Bakery).

Another great thing to pack along with you is easy heat and eat foods. Instant oatmeal from Bob’s Red Mill, Tofurky Brats, and sweet corn are all super easy to cook and eat when camping.

These foods are super easy to pack and keep in a cooler all weekend. My husband is all about efficiency, so when he was able to find a cooler/icepack combo that actually stayed cold all weekend, we were thrilled! Here’s what we use for the cooler & icepack.

camping meal prep

We soaked up a little more summer weather with one last camping trip!

Over the weekend, Tony (my husband) and I went on a camping trip with some family and friends! This trip has become an annual thing where we all pack our bikes, some good food and drinks and plop down at a campsite in southern Minnesota.

There’s over 20 miles of biking trails (we only do the 20 mile round trip ride) that take you through several adorable old towns. We always pack a picnic lunch and make it back in time for some happy hour!

If you follow me on instagram, I’m sure you saw a little of our fun times on my story! @educating.earthlings – and thanks to the hubby, some artsy pictures of me with nature 😉

camping meal prep

What We Ate Camping!

Friday Night Dinner: Tofurky brats & sweet corn roasted over the campfire with vegan baked beans!

Saturday Morning Breakfast: Bob’s Red Mill instant oatmeal, bananas & apples

Pre-Bike Snack: Cashew butter toast & avocado toast

Picnic Lunch: Veggie loaded BLTs with Seitan Bacon from Upton Naturals, grapes & carrots

Post-Bike Snack: Cliff Bars & apples

Saturday Night Dinner: Taco Bar! We brought some green jackfruit (canned) and black beans to heat and mix together for the taco base, then added pico salsa, fresh green onion, cilantro and a little Daiya Cheese (it’s Tony’s favorite)

Late Night Snack: Trader Joe’s Gelatin Free Marshmallows roasted over the fire & Boom Chicka Pop Light Kettle Corn!!

Sunday Morning: Bob’s Red Mill instant oatmeal (again) and fruit!

This was such a fun trip! I can’t wait until the weather warms up again for some more camping next season! Now, it’s onto the pumpkin spice everything, warm savory meals and yummy sweet treats!

Coming soon: Vegan Jalapeño Poppers, (Mostly) Raw Samoa Cookies & Cashew Butter Cups!

If you need any guidance on starting a plant based diet or vegan lifestyle, go check out my eBook: The Plant Based Difference! It’s a vegan starter guide and healthy living handbook created to get you started on a new path or to give you new inspiration for the future!

I hope you enjoyed learning about plant based meal prep for camping! I love sharing my vegan travel journeys and hope that there are more to come! Have an amazing week loves!

xoxo Lexi

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