The Most Comfortable Sock in the World

The Most Comfortable Sock in the World

This post is sponsored by Strideline through free product for writing a review. All opinions are 100% my own.

The Most Comfortable Sock in the World

They definitely aren’t lying! After receiving my Strideline socks in the mail, I was so excited to slip them over my feet and feel what they had to offer.

My fav thing about these socks is the support they give right in the middle of your arch. It’s not so tight that it cuts off your circulation, it actually supports the weak arches I have in my feet. While lifting on leg day, these are absolutely my go-to.

Strideline is marketed as an athletic sock, but you know what? I would wear these all the time!

the most comfortable sock in the world

Best Qualities:

First of all go check out all the different options they have. From your favorite teams to funky designs, you’ll be sure to find one you NEED to have! If you are looking for something specific they also do custom orders 🙂

The materials used are cruelty free! No animals were harmed in the making of these socks. They use a synthetic material along with other scientific-y materials to give them their awesome color. I always look for products that do not contain any animal products such as: wool, silk, leather or down feathers.

They have 3 different styles to choose from: low (below the ankle), mid (covers the ankle), and crew (mid calf). I like the low and and crew cut socks the best! Low socks are practical and comfy in the summer time for runs or bike rides. The crew cut socks are so cute and a great way to rep your team or flaunt your personality!

Things to Consider:

They are a pretty thick sock in the toes and heel area, so if you’re shoes are tight they might get a little bunchy. Since they are thick, they are also warm! Great for taking a hike of a cold day or hitting the slopes in the winter time, but a little sweaty for outdoor runs in the summer.

They are a brand new company! This can be a high and a low, depending on how you think about it. Since they are so new, they don’t have a huge list of positive reviews yet which some people really look for. However, since they are so new, you could be one of the first to try a new high quality product! Nike had to start from somewhere right?

the most comfortable sock in the world

Overall, just buy the sock 🙂 Or you can head over to my instagram page and enter to win a free pair of tropical crew cut socks! Just in time for winter blues season…

See entry details on instagram @educating.earthlings (picture above) closes on Friday, January 27th 2017 @ 9:00 pm. Winner announced on instagram the following Saturday at 10:00 am.

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