This week marks my one year vegan birthday/anniversary! I’m so grateful to have started this journey and I can’t wait to see where it takes me next.

For those of you who have been with me through this year of starting the blog and on instagram, thank you. I have so many people to thank for supporting me and giving my everything I need to succeed!

10 Life Changes After One Year Vegan

1. I eat more food

Since plant based foods are less calorie dense than animal products, you can eat more substance! I love not having to worry about binging anymore because I always keep good foods around me like whole fruits and veggies!

2. I weigh less

I’ve been able to lose and keep off about 3-5 pounds without even trying! I honestly didn’t have much weight to lose in the first place, so I know that others will be able to lose more weight easily!

3. I have more muscle mass

The weight I lost seemed to be all from fat, which means that I have gained some muscle as well. I can tell that I am stronger due to the weights that I’m pushing and the slight upgrade in my muscle physique!

4. I enjoy my relationship with food more

Before I went even I was obsessed with counting my calories instead of counting colors. I eat a wider variety of veggies and other plant based foods now and have tried some new cuisines which is super fun!

5. My hair is stronger & fuller

I always had frail, fine hair. Now that I eat mostly whole foods & plant based foods my hair is twice as strong! It’s still fine just because that’s how I was born, but it’s to much healthier now.

6. My skin is softer and less prone to breakouts

I’ve been having hormonal breakouts lately due to quitting the birth control pill (no, I’m not trying to have a baby, I just want to my body to be healthier without it), but otherwise my normal T-zone breakouts are gone! I also notice that my skin is more hydrated and softer all over!

7. My recovery time after a hard workout is less

I lift weights 4-5 times per week. I used to feel sore ALL the time! Now I can tell my body is recovering faster because of the food I am putting in it is so much better for recovery!

8. I sleep better at night

I’ve been sleeping better at night because my body has been fueled up right with mostly whole foods. I believe that my mind subconsciously is more at peace knowing that I haven’t contributed to animal cruelty today!

9. I have more energy during the day

I have more energy throughout the day which is awesome for my active lifestyle! I love not feeling that afternoon slump anymore! All this extra energy is coming from my food!

10. This year I have saved a lot…

401,500 gallons of Water
14,600 pound of Grain
10,950 square feet of Forest
7,300 pound of CO2
& 365 Animal Lives

What I Eat – A Typical Work Day (nannying)

**Wake at 5:30 am**

Pre-Workout: Amino Energy + Creatine + Glutamine with 24 oz of Water

Post-Workout: 24oz Water + Vega Accelerator (if it was leg day or a hard workout)

Breakfast: Large Protein Smoothie + Vega Sport Protein (vanilla for green smoothies & berry for berry smoothies)

One Year Vegan & What I Eat

Lunch: Veggies + Green Salad + Beans or Legumes w/ Sprouted Grain Bread or Tortilla

One Year Vegan & What I Eat

Snacks: FRUITS! I try to eat seasonal fruits daily! I swear I could be a fruitarian if I lived somewhere more tropical.

 One Year Vegan & What I Eat

Dinner: Usually something warmer/cooked like these tofu tacos! Sometimes it’s asian style in a bowl with rice or soup style like lentil chili!

One Year Vegan & What I Eat

Pre-Bedtime: Always drink another 24 oz of water to wake up hydrated & most nights I sip in some Calm Magnesium Tea.

TREAT YOURSELF! I also treat myself to vegan junk food and sweets every once in awhile! It’s good to allow yourself to indulge in great tasting food with good company, but I still make sure to stick to the healthy stuff most of the week!

One Year Vegan & What I Eat

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I can’t wait to see what year 2 brings! I love you all so much!!


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