The hardest part about eating a plant based diet is where to begin.

Let’s face it, plant based diets (or vegan diets) are trending! If you’re pondering the idea of starting a plant based diet for yourself, it’s the best time ever! There are so many great alternatives out there now that will guarantee your favorites won’t be missed.

Not to mention all the research FINALLY coming out about the food industry (meat and dairy to be more specific – since most foodies are already aware the processed foods are junk). All the amazing health transformation stories are another huge part of the popularity.

Finally, the best part about starting plant based diet is that it’s a lifestyle that will actually stick!

Need help going plant based? Check out the NEW plant based starter guide: The Plant Based Difference! More coming soon! 🙂

3 Easy Steps to a Plant Based Diet

1. Educate Yourself

Start by reading blog posts, articles, books and watching documentaries on the subject. Find your ‘reason why’ and really connect with the lifestyle rather than just the diet. Make sure you are doing this for you and your future; whether it’s for your health, for the sake of the planet, or simply to stop support animal suffering.

A new documentary that has just been released on Netflix (June 2017) is getting tons of attention! It reveals the truth about the food industries out there and why we think it’s okay t0 eat a certain way. Check it out for yourself! What The Health – Netflix


2. Try new things

There are so many food combos undiscovered! Try out a new cuisine like thai or indian food! Try cooking with some new whole grains like quinoa or millet and become an expert at reading the labels!

Try adding some nutritional yeast in your life! It’s the vegan miracle seasoning that has a nutty/cheesy flavor and it perfect in veggies, popcorn and cheeseless PIZZA!! Not to mention it has vitamin B12 which a vital for vegans to add to their diet since it’s scarcely found outside of meat.

B12 Rant: almost everyone has low B12 intakes, even those who eat meat, since it’s only found in small amounts. It’s originally found in algae and fungus (which we don’t eat anymore but animals do) but can also be found in a few other fermented or dried foods that are safe to eat!


3. Cook more from home

Fact: The food you eat is a direct correlation to how you look and feel. “You are what you eat!” Food can affect your sex drive, skin clarity, eyesight, heart health, bone strength, muscle growth, brain power, energy levels, stress levels, happiness and moods, sleep quality and of course your weight.

I’ve love finding new cookbooks or blogs to follow for more recipe inspiration and to learn more about nutrition and health. One cookbook that I LOVE right now is Eaternity by Jason Wrobel! It teaches you how to use the power of plant based food in order to create the future your want for yourself!

Eaternity is a 100% plant based cook book that focuses on how different micronutrients react with your body. There are recipes that promote better sex, recipes for clear skin, recipes for muscle growth and even recipes for brainpower! Find it on Amazon here.

The author Jason Wrobel is a culinary expert and plant based chef who has been vegan for 20 years! Check out his YouTube Channel for some more recipes and vegan vlogs!

Eating for the Future

The future is hard to think about. There’s really no predicting what will happen 100%, but there is a way to guarantee that you health will improve! Start eating a plant based diet.

No, I don’t mean eating more plants and limiting meat and diary, I mean going 100% plant based. Consuming meat and dairy is the number one cause of cancer in the US and is linked to heart disease and diabetes.

Need help going plant based? Check out the NEW plant based starter guide: The Plant Based Difference! More coming soon! 🙂

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3 easy steps to a plant based diet

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