Nutrition and fitness go hand in hand, you can’t see results with just one. When you follow these 3 simple tips, you will be on your way to making some serious gains! And yes, you can eat pizza!

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Eat More (healthy) Carbs

Carbohydrates kind of get a bad rap and they really shouldn’t! Carbs are the main nutrient our body need to produce energy. When you have more energy, you are able to lift heavier things and run farther distances!

Just like any other macronutrient, there are certain foods that are better for you body than others. Start looking for quality over quantity. What I mean is, don’t worry about how many carbs you are consuming but rather what kind of carbs you are consuming.

Healthy carbs include whole foods like fresh fruit, grains, squash, potatoes and vegetables! Make sure your fruits are whole fruits and not juices from concentrate. Always stick to whole grains that are the least processed like quinoa, rice, millet and oats.

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Continuously Cleanse

When you are eating whole foods that are rich in nutrition, you will always be cleansing your body. Avoid foods that are processed as much as possible, and stay away from animal products altogether.

Processed foods and animal products like meat, dairy and eggs are really hard for our bodies to break down. Stick to whole plant based foods and your body will thank you. You’ll have more energy, softer skin, better digestion AND you’ll see those fitness gains happening a lot faster!

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Eat like a Vegan

After learning more about what kinds of foods to put in your body, you’ll find yourself eating more like a vegan. This doesn’t mean that you have to become a vegan, just that you will probably eat like one.

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3 tips to promote fitness gains

I can guarantee that if you stick to a plant based diet, you will hit your goals sooner. Pizza without cheese is still amazing! Check out this recipe for how to make your own cashew cheese for pizzas!

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