Hey you bad asses! Welcome to challenge week 3! This week we really switch things up in the gym and with our meals. We up our lifting days to 6 and the meal plan suggests even healthier and more fat shredding meals!

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Challenge Week 3 Full Meal Plans

Let’s stop wasting time and jump right into the suggested meals for this week! (Full recipes in links below)

Breakfast: PB Vanilla Shake w/ Vanilla Vega One

Chocolate PB Protein Shake

AM Snack: Fresh Fruit

Snack on fresh berries or other fruit until you’re satisfied. Cut up a variety of fruit and sprinkle with some cinnamon for some yummy fruit salad!

Lunch: Raw Rainbow Power Bowl

Raw Rainbow Power Salad

PM Snack: Avo Toast

Bown up a slice of sprouted grain bread and mash about 1/4 of an avocado on top. If you like spicy, add a few sprinkles of cayenne pepper or crushed red pepper flakes!

Dinner: Green Lentil Tacos

Green Lentil Tacos

Meal Prep Advice

Start by downloading the 7 Day Fat Loss Meal Plan Grocery List in the Freebie Library to make sure you have all of the ingredients for the week. Highlight the ingredients you still need, or cross out the ingredients you already have.

Take the list with you and stock up on all the goodies! Make sure you have meal prep containers for 5 salads, a few smaller ones for chopped veggies for the tacos, and one large one to keep the lentils in.

Start by turning cooking the lentils, since they take 45 minutes. I bet you can get all the rest of the meal prepping done in that time!

Then mix the tahini & balsamic dressing. Wash and chop/slice all fruits and veggies for your salads and lay them out for easy disbursement into each container. Make sure to add the dressing first if you’re using mason jars or have a smaller container for that day’s dressing serving.

Build your Raw Rainbow Power Salads for each day! Next slice and freeze the bananas for your Chocolate Shakes.

By now the lentils should almost be done. Add in the spices and mix well. Cover again and grab the tomatoes and onion to shop for the tacos. Add these into their own containers to make it easy to just grab them and build the tacos during the week.

When the lentils are done, remove from the heat and let them cool off a bit while you clean up the kitchen. Add them to a large container and stick that in the fridge with your prepped lunches for the week!

Voilá! You’re done! Finish cleaning up your kitchen and sit back and enjoy easy and healthy meals for the whole week!

7 day fat loss meal plan & grocery list

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