8 Tips on How to Stay Active All Day Long

8 Tips on How to Stay Active All Day Long

If you want to stay active all day, it doesn’t have to mean you have to workout for an hour and a half daily after work. In fact, it’s better to space out your movement throughout the day! Your body will be burning calories all throughout the day, from start to finish, rather than during your workout time.

Note: It’s also true that people who lift weights and have more muscle mass are able to burn more calories throughout the day versus people who do only cardio workouts. So, when you do go workout in the gym, make sure to hit those weights!

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How to Stay Active All Day

8 Tips on How to Stay Active All Day Long

1. Always be drinking water

First of all drinking plenty of water is amazing for your whole body. But you ALSO will 100% be getting up to walk to the bathroom more, if you are drinking more water! The more you drink, the more you get moving!

8 Tips on How to Stay Active All Day Long

2. Cook your meals at home

Just think about how much you move while you’re cooking dinner! If you went out for dinner, you would just be sitting there waiting for your food to come. Other HUGE benefits of cooking your own meals is you know exactly what’s going in your food, you have control over your portion sizes, AND you get to save money!

8 Tips on How to Stay Active All Day Long

3. Clean up after yourself right away

Whether you just cooked yourself some dinner, or you just pulled the laundry out of the dryer, you should finish the job and clean up right away. Not only will this help your home to stay organized, but it will also get your moving more!

8 Tips on How to Stay Active All Day Long

4. Get a smartwatch

This one can will cost you some money, but if you don’t have a smartwatch or activity tracking watch yet, then you should definitely invest in one! You can set movement goals and compete with your friends to see who can get the most points!! I love my Apple Watch and also had the FitBit before I upgraded 😉 My review is that the Apple Watch is totally worth it if you have an iPhone!! #notsponsored

8 Tips on How to Stay Active All Day Long

5. Park farther away

This one is simple. If you park farther away from the door of your destination, you will instantly have more walking time which equals more movement calories! If it’s nice outside, GIRL, park at the back of that Target parking lot!

8 Tips on How to Stay Active All Day Long

6. Carry lighter loads

I’m always one to try to carry EVERYTHING from my car to the apartment in one trip. Even if that means there are reusable grocery bags lining my arms and digging into my skin. Taking smaller loads will take longer, but it will also keep you moving longer!

8 Tips on How to Stay Active All Day Long

7. Get up a little earlier

Set your alarm just a little earlier and take time to wake up with some morning yoga or a quick workout! If you have the time, pack your gym bag the night before and crush a workout before you even start getting ready for the day! For me, I ALWAYS get ready so much faster in the gym locker room versus at home…

8 Tips on How to Stay Active All Day Long

8. Take time to breathe and clear your head

This one isn’t all about getting more step in your day, but it’s more about keeping your stress levels low and in check! Take just 5 minutes every day, whether it’s before bed or in the middle of your coffee break, to sit calmly and quietly. Clear your mind and breathe deeply while focusing on your breath. In through your nose and out through your mouth.

8 Tips on How to Stay Active All Day Long

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