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I’m so glad you’re here.


This life is the only one we’ve got.

Your body is always here for you, always keeping your alive.
Your mind is looking out for you and always has the best in store.
Your soul is what connects us all and is your source of power.
It’s time that you started taking care of your body, mind, and soul.
Learn how to treat all parts of yourself with the best intentions.
Wellness is the key to happiness, success, and finding your light.

I’m here to help you manifest wellness and create the life you always wanted.

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Hello beautiful soul…

I’m Lexi, the girl behind the blog & wellness biz. I spend most of my time working with clients, connecting with brands, writing for the blog, or snapping pics for the latest recipes (also as a full time nanny). But, when I’m not busy with all of those things, you can usually find me curled up with a good book, deep into a Netflix binge, biking or hiking the Minnesota trails, going out for memorable nights with good friends, or sitting around a table with family and heaps of vegan food.

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How Educating Earthlings Started…

I had been diving into this whole wellness thing for a long time, basically ever since I was in college I was obsessed with getting fit and healthy. It wasn’t until after college that I realised that wellness is WAYY more than just working out and eating right. It’s even more about how you life your life than anything else. The relationship you have with yourself and with others. Your mental health. Financial stability. Finding what lights you up and doing that every damn day. Discovering your soul’s purpose… I could go on and on…

Anyways, I started this as a little hobby blog when I went vegan to share my journey and how easy it can be to heal yourself with a plant-based diet, not to mention saving the animals and the planet in the process. It brought me into a whole new world: discovering I could turn this into an online business & that once you choose one epicly healthy thing is your life, you can’t stop there.

Fast forward to now and I’m falling to my purpose. I get to help others better themselves and reach their wellness goals. I get to spread the word about veganism and living a plant-based lifestyle. I get to cook and share recipes that people love. And I get to make a living while doing it all!

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And I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. Thank you for supporting me and Educating Earthlings.

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