Welcome my friends, to another what I ate post! This Wednesday I was able to add in a little taste test with my little munchkin (nanny kiddo) and she was loving the camera! Check out the full video below!

What I Ate Wednesday #7

7:30 am Post Workout: Vega Sport Protein

Vega is my go-to protein after the gym or during a busy day of running around! Head over to this post to read more about Vega protein and how to find the right product for travel!

BIG NEWS!! I just became part of the vega team!! I am officially a brand ambassador and will start in just a few weeks! I couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity to work with my favorite and the best company out there.

9:30 Breakfast: Homemade Green Juice

This stuff is fresh pressed with no need for a fancy juicer! The full recipe will bes posted soon. All you need is a high speed blender, I love my Blendtec, and a tea towel to squeeze out the pulp!

What I Ate Wednesday 7 Breakfast

1:00 Lunch: Macro Bowl, Beans + Greens + Sweet Potato

I has such a crazy morning that my lunch was a little later than I wanted. But it was a super simple and satisfying macro bowl! It was packed with 1 sweet potato, 1/2 can of chickpeas and a huge handful of greens.

I topped it all off with some beet ketchup that was found at the farmer’s market by the house I nanny at! I would love to create a homemade recipe for this soon because there were many of you asking about it on Instagram @educating.earthlings

On the side I (of course) had a glass of Humm Kombucha! This stuff is so good because it has a very mild flavor and doesn’t overpower your mouth with a strong vinegar taste. Plus is contains like a year’s worth of vitamin B12, HOLLA!!

What I Ate Wednesday 7 Lunch

2:30 Snack: Coffee & Banana

Simple afternoon pick-me-up was this new (to me) coffee and a banana (not pictured). Simple.

What I Ate Wednesday 7 Snack

3:30 Snack no. 2: Homemade Cashew Dip & Crackers (Taste Test)

I wanted to share an easy recipe for some homemade dips! One dip is made with cashews, basil, tomatoes, soy milk and spices. The other dip is made from cashews, lemon, cucumber, soy milk and spices.

This was a super fun taste test to do with the kiddos I nanny and they loved the dips too! Make sure to watch the video to see which one we liked best!

What I Ate Wednesday 7 Snack

7:00 Dinner: Tofu ‘Steaks’ + Steamed Green Beans + Sweet Potato w/ tahini & nooch

Another simple meal today! The tofu was extra firm/high protein tofu from trader joes (they also have a similar brand at whole foods) and it has a great texture for grilling it steak style! I just added some seasonings and threw it on the foreman!

What I Ate Wednesday 7 Dinner

Goal for tomorrow: Drink more water!!!

I was majorly lacking on the water intake today. I think it was because of how busy my day was and that I forgot my water bottle in my car all day! 🙁 Everyone is human and we aren’t always perfect! I like to share what’s real with you guys, so that’s why I’m telling you that today I sucked at drinking water “like a vegan.”

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