The Average Morning Routine: Ideal VS Realistic

The Average Morning Routine: Ideal VS Realistic

Morning routines are all the talk right now in the wellness world. And I’ll admit that I love hearing about one’s morning routine just as much as the other. This post isn’t going to be your typical morning routine post, friends. This is the raw & real version of how morning routines usually play out.

Not Your Average Morning Routine

Let’s face it, having a solid morning routine that you actually tick to every single day is unrealistic, to say the least. I’d love to share with you that I wake up bright and early with plenty of time to workout, meditate, journal, have some hot lemon water before a big fancy smoothie bowl… every morning. But I can’t tell you that. Because that’s simply not the case.

Usually I wake up, after snoozing my alarm once or twice, with about 10 minutes to get ready and rush out the door. Even if I make time for a workout in the morning, I’m still that person who leaves just enough time to get ready and run off to work.

I’m currently a full time nanny working 5 days per week transitioning to full time blogger in Summer 2018, WOOHOO!!
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The Ideal Morning Routine

My ideal morning routine is simple, achievable, and sustainable for the “work from anywhere” lifestyle that I am working towards achieving. This is me putting it out into the Universe that I will have this morning routine in the near future! #manifestation

Picture this morning routine:
+ Wake up with no alarm (around 7:00/8:00 am)
+ Use my basal thermometer to take my temp for in digital birth control app – Natural Cycles (full blog post on birth control here)
+ Head to the kitchen to start heating up some hot water for lemon water & herbal tea
+ Get dressed and ready for a good sweat session at the gym or my favorite group fitness class while sipping on my lemon water & herbal tea
+ Move my body and get my sweat on right away in the morning
+ Spend 10-15 minutes after my workout in meditation during my stretching time
+ Come back home to whip up a nourishing smoothie bowl with all the fancy toppings
+ Shower and get ready for the day, while making sure to mindfully care for my skin and hair

Then I would get started with my day! I will spend some time working on my business, followed by some self-care like quiet reading (business or self-development books of course) or getting out and doing something I love. Then I would spend time on my environment: making it warm, cozy and comfortable, and finally create a nourishing dinner for myself and my partner/family.

Sounds like the perfect day for me!

The Realistic Morning Routine

Realistically, that doesn’t happen for me, right now, or for most people who work a day job or are in the office between 9:00-5:00. Some of us have children we need to care for and get help them get ready for their days. Some people do have time for this, but they choose to spend their time sleeping in, scrolling through social media, or watching TV…

Here’s the reality of my “morning routine” right now:
+ Wake up to my alarm and hit snooze once or twice
+ Use my basal thermometer to take my temp for in digital birth control app – Natural Cycles (full blog post on birth control here)
+ Hit the gym for about 30-45 minutes (if I wake up to my first alarm)
+ Leave myself about 10-15 minutes to get ready and rush off to work
+ Make a quick smoothie when I get to work between helping the nanny kiddos eat their breakfast and get ready for the day

Even though this morning routine isn’t my idea morning routine, it’s helping me to achieve my goals. The job I have right now provides me the money I need to sustain myself while working on my online business. It gives me the flexibility to get some work done while the kiddos nap during the day and I also get to make my own meals at the home I work in. This job has allowed me to start this blog and has also been the perfect transition into working as a full time online entrepreneur.

I’d love to hear your about how your ideal morning routine differs from your current morning routine!
Drop a comment or share it with me via email.
I’d love to help you make your ideal life a reality, because it’s possible and you deserve it.

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