Become Your Own Healer

Become Your Own Healer

If you could learn how to heal yourself starting with plant-based nutrition as the foundation of your lifestyle, would you?
If you could learn how to manifest your dream life just by starting with what you put into your body, would you?
If you knew the formula to the freedom you desire, what could you life look like just 60 days from now?
What if I told you that I could give you the tools you need to harness your inner god/goddess self and bring balance to your life?

I’d love to work with you!

I offer 3 coaching options: Self-guided courses, coach guided course, and personalized 1:1 coaching. Each of these courses follow my Freedom Formula which I created as a simple step by step plan to manifesting freedom in any area of your life.

Self-Guided Courses

My self-guided courses are available to you 100% online. You will be given everything you need from day one! There are currently 2 self-guided courses available to you and more on the way! The first option is the Plant Based Difference course; this course included a full vegan starter guide along with plant-based mini-classes. The second option is the Healing Holistically course; this course included everything from the plant-based different course plus how heal your body with holistic wellness.
What’s included: Pre-recorded lessons, PDF download for each lesson
What’s missing: Private coaching calls, 24/7 online coaching, private community of students

Coach Guided Course

This is my most popular package! I offer guided coaching for all of my online courses. You’ll have access to everything from the self-guided course PLUS you’ll also receive 2 private coaching calls and unlimited online support. The best part of this program is that you’ll have exclusive access to the private Facebook group of current students and course graduates!
What’s included: Pre-recorded lessons, PDF download for each lesson, private coaching calls, 24/7 online coaching, private community of students
What’s missing: Personalized program planning

1:1 Coaching Program

My 1:1 programs are unique to every client. We will work together to determine where you need coaching and create a program that best fits your needs. This is a great option for those who are have specific goals like healing hormones, digestion issues, and autoimmune diseases. This option is also perfect for those looking for weight management (losing or gaining), glowing skin, or simply bettering your relationship with food.

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Holistic wellness is more than just physical fitness and eating a well balanced plant-based diet. Holistic wellness is also about tuning into your feelings, emotions, and intuition. What makes you light up inside? and what makes you feel icky and out of alignment?
Together we will break through your barriers and what’s holding you back from feeling like your best self. I’ll give you the resources you need such as fitness goals, meal guides, guided meditations, enlightening books to read, and emotional support through this new lifestyle transition.

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