Sometimes finding the best places to buy vegan groceries can be a challenge. We usually end up going to a few different places throughout the week or even in one day! Even though it can be a hassle, I have a few tips for you to get through the dreaded grocery haul.

Tip #1 – Take time to wander and discover new things

Head to the shops with an open mind and ready to experience what is thrown at you. Making your grocery haul an event can make it more fun and the time go by faster! Start by hitting those essentials and then take the time to walk around and find new things that you didn’t even know existed!

Tip #2 – Try going alone

I have found that I am so less stressed when I grocery shop by myself. I have time to read the labels and walk down aisles that I may not usually go down. This is probably the introvert in me speaking, but it’s actually really soothing to quietly shop for foods all by myself.

Tip#3 – Plan ahead

Make sure you have everything that’s on that list of your (and usually more). Getting home and realizing that you forgot cilantro for your taco night can be a really sad mistake – cilantro literally MAKES my tacos. If you are sticking to a budget or meal plant, then stick to your list. Wasted food can be just as bad a not having the right ingredients!

Best places to get your groceries

Thrive Market

My first question for you is, ‘Are you willing to order your groceries online?’ This is an online site where you can order a ton of groceries right to your door (along with some other household essentials). It’s pretty convenient, and usually the prices are even better than Amazon, but ordering everything online is not practical.

Check out all the vegan friendly foods Thrive Market for has to offer!

Farmer’s Markets

Local farmer’s markets are 100% the way to go! It just depends where you live and what is in season. Living in the mid-west, there’s only about 4-5 months of farmer’s market. Some of your may live in warmer states that offer farmer’s markets every weekend; that’s awesome! Definitely start taking advantage of your local farmer’s markets if you don’t already!

Best places to get your groceries

Trader Joe’s

Okay, I can’t say enough good things about Trader Joe’s. They have the best prices and quality of food, like ever. It’s the best place to buy the super firm high protein tofu and tempeh. Also the best place for most canned foods and they don’t use BPA in the can lining (watch out for that in other canned products).

Whole Foods

This is literally my dream store. The only thing is, Whole Foods products are usually a little on the speedy side. But, you get what you pay for! They have the largest variety of plant based cheeses, yogurts, and milks by far. And their produce usually seems to last a little longer since it’s so fresh and natural!

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market

This is a new-ish chain here in the Minneapolis area and I hear it’s a lot like Sprouts Farmers Markets (which we don’t have here). It’s like a cross between Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. They have great prices on local fresh foods and they also offer tons of great health food section including superfoods and protein powders.

Super Target

Super target has some awesome frozen foods and a pretty large selection of frozen ‘plant based proteins.’ They are also growing their tofu/tempeh section near the produce!

Sometimes you’ll have to hit up a few different stores to get all the best items for the best prices. It will be worth it! Your body and mind will thank you later.

Best places to get your groceries

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