Finding healthy snacks while traveling is tricky as it is, but find good vegan travel snacks is even trickier! Of course you can stick to fruits and nuts, but those get old and I find that I have to eat a lot of those to actually feel full.

Vega Products are Bomb AF

When you’re traveling it’s pretty hard to get all the nutrient dense food you love. That’s only if you don’t have Vega by your side 😉

Vega has such a wide variety of products that you’ll definitely find what fits your needs. For traveling, try packing along some of their nutrient dense Vega One bars or their Vega Sport bars if you will be doing more physical activity like hiking or biking!

The greens are awesome for when you don’t have access to fresh green vegetable and need to reap the benefits of all the nutrition they have to offer. Just shake up some of the greens powder with water and you’ll be feeling healthier already.

The probiotics and vitamins are awesome to pack along for those post plane ride vibes. Usually there are tons of germs floating around in the recirculated air so your body will love the extra vitamin boost. And, the probiotics will help keep your stomach functioning properly after those crazy altitude changes.

Learn more about the protein powders Vega has to offer in this post: Top Vegan Protein Supplements

4 Protein Truths:

  1. Plant based protein is easier for the body to digest and absorb.
  2. Your body best digests and utilizes protein when it’s consumed in 10-25 gram increments.
  3. Calculate the protein you need: body weight (in pounds) x 0.36 = grams of protein needed
  4. Athletes and active people need only a little more protein than that depending on each individual.

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best vegan travel snacks & finding vegan food while traveling

Finding Vegan Friendly Restaurants

First of all, download Happy Cow app! It’s only $3.99 and will tell you everywhere that offers vegan or vegetarian options near you. It uses your location to find restaurants, cafés and stores that have vegan options.

best vegan travel snacks & finding vegan food while traveling

You can use filters like vegan only restaurants, vegetarian restaurants, vegan options on the menu, or you can choose to show stores that sell vegan/vegetarian products.

best vegan travel snacks & finding vegan food while traveling

The map feature is super easy to use. You can just click on any icon you want to learn more and see pictures, or you can view everything in list form!

Another super cool feature is to search somewhere you might be going soon. This way you can have a plan. You can plan ahead and make sure that you’ll have good food to nourish your body!

best vegan travel snacks & finding vegan food while traveling

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