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plant based muscle

Plant-Based Muscle Building

This post was written in partnership with The Wholistic Realistic. I brand new health and fitness website created by a good...

Grilled Carrot Hot Dogs “Carrot Dogs”

Let’s get grillin’!! Who said that vegans can’t enjoy a good grilling season? There are so many veggies or meat alternatives...

wedding season vegan

Surviving Wedding Season as a Vegan Guest

Alright guys, it’s here… wedding season. Some of us love it! Some of us look forward to when it’s all over...

Traveling Abroad Solo: London Travel Guide

Traveling solo can be very intimidating, right? So let’s talk a little bit about fears… Being alone has always been a...

Minimal Kitchen

Minimal Kitchen Organization Tips

I’m currently sitting in a lovely little coffee shop / art cafĂ© / bakery here in London writing this post for...

camping meal prep

Camping Meal Prep – Plant Based

Getting ready for a camping trip can be exhausting. Usually you have to plan your meals ahead of time since you...