Booty Building Leg Workout

Booty Building Leg Workout

Working that booty is my favorite thing to train in the gym, and after this workout, it’ll be yours too! Building your legs and glutes us the best thing you can do for your physique because it can give you the illusion of that so desired “hourglass” shape! (the other muscle you can NOT forget about id your shoulders of course)

Booty Building Leg Workout

In this workout there are 4 sets total including 3 supersets. Supersets are when you string 2 movements together without resting between them. They are an awesome form of HIIT and can really intensify your workout.

You’ll start by warming up your muscles with about 5 minutes of walking or low intensity biking. Warming up ensures that your muscles are ready to work hard and can limit injury.

After warming up, grab a squat rack or a pre-weighted barbell depending on your lifting abilities. You’ll be performing 6 sets of 10 squats for 60 total squats. Make sure that your last 3 reps of each set is very challenging to complete but you are still keeping good form.

The Perfect Squat Mindset: Take a deep breath. On the way down keep your head and neck stationary and chest up. Move your body down with your legs and imagine sitting in a chair. On the way up exhale, push your knees out and imagine spreading the floor apart with your feet; keep your back straight and hips back. At the top keep your knees slightly bent and repeat!


Here comes your first superset! Start by choosing a pre-weighted barbell or get your barbell ready to lunges (should be a little less weight than your squat weight). Start with the barbell on your back and do a total of 20 lunges, 10 for each leg or 10 down and 10 back. Keep the barbell on your back and do 12 Good Mornings without rest between the two movements. Take a minute or 2 rest and complete that 2 more times.

Next find a cable machine, lower that baby to the lowest it can go and the rope works best for these workouts. Face the cable machine and hold the ropes up by your stomach. Lean back into a squat using the resistance of the weight to hold you up. While staying in squat position, walk backwards for 6 steps and then forward for 6 steps. Complete this 5 times then move to the next movement. Turn around and straddle the cable, take a few steps forward and

Finally for the last superset you’ll be doing leg curls and glute bridges. The lying leg press machine works best to easily move between movements, but if your gym doesn’t have one then you can use a flat bench, a barbell and a dumbbell. Start with 10 lying leg curls and focus on pulling with your hamstrings and squeezing with your glutes. Then turn over and place the barbell or the leg pad on your hips and complete 12 glute bridges holding for a full second at the top.

Finish with a good stretching session or a muscle cooldown with low intensity cardio! After I did this workout, I had jello legs and started to feel the soreness just a few hours after. You’ll hate me for this, but thank me later 😉

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Booty Building Leg Workout

Home Workout Hacks

For a DIY “cable” machine at home, check out this post! It’s the perfect home workout hack out there!

When working out at home, sometimes you don’t have access to heavy weights, so this means you can up your reps until near failure. This workout can be modified to only use some dumbbells if needed! All you have to do is get a little creative.

Post Workout Fuel

After tearing down your muscles, you need time to recover. That’s why we focus on different muscle groups each day! Another thing you need to recover is the correct fuel. The best plant based and dairy free protein recovery drink out there right now is Vega Sport Protein! I just got their new 45 serving tub off Amazon in the mail and I literally did cartwheels about it!

If you’re looking for a new plant based protein, read more about Vega protein supplements in this post: Top Vegan Protein Supplements – Easy for Travel

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