I have been learning a lot about how to become more vegan friendly outside of the kitchen as well as in the kitchen! I thought it would be an awesome idea to share my current fav cruelty free cosmetics!

Why Choose Cruelty Free Cosmetics?

Cruelty free is a huge part of becoming vegan. You can eat a plant based diet to help save the planet and your health, but there’s so much more to doing it for the animals. There are tons of products out there that are not tested on animals, also contain harmful ingredients.

When you stick to cruelty free cosmetics, you are showing support to put an end to animal testing. Each dollar spent on cruelty free anything shows that we care about who had to suffer for this product we are using (or eating) – Okay, rant over 🙂

affordable & cruelty free cosmetics

Cruelty Free (& All Natural) Products I Love

ACURE – This company is known for using ingredients and packaging that are sustainable and does not harm the planet. Their hair care is where it’s at!

Pacifica – Each and every one of their products are 100% cruelty free and vegan! I also love knowing that their ingredients are natural and safe to use.

e.l.f – Their skin care products amazing and they use all natural ingredients. That makes me smile!

LUSH -I’m just totally obsessed with all their vegan products! Masks, bath bombs, lotions, literally everything! These are not found at Target like the other 3 but they definitely note worthy!

affordable & cruelty free cosmetics

My Current Routine

Morning (post workout) Shower
  1. Acure Volumizing Shampoo
  2. Acure Repairing Conditioner (I also love the Leave-In-Conditioner to throw in my hair on those summer lake days or pool days to keep it silky and smooth!)
  3. e.l.f Hydrating Face Wash or Acure Pore Minimizing Face Wash (which ever I have on hand)
  4. Acure Body Wash – they are all awesome!

Note: Every other day I skip the hair wash and use Acure Dry Shampoo. I always stick to the powder versus the spray because the spray can literally give you cancer from the fumes! Plus the processing of it is really hard on the poor planet 🙁

affordable & cruelty free cosmetics

  1. Body: Pacifica Body Lotion (I love all their ‘flavors’)
  2. Face: Acure Oil Control Moisturizer or Pacifica Renewal Lotion (which ever I have on hand)

Hydration is so important especially after stripping your body of all it’s natural oils (and sweatiness from that morning workout) so make sure to cover your entire body! Keeping your skin hydrated also helps cut back on cellulite and forming wrinkles.

Makeup (or lack thereof)
  1. e.l.f Oil Free SPF 15 Flawless Foundation
  2. Sometimes I use the e.l.f concealer (the wand kind)
  3. Pacifica Brown Mascara
  4. Sometimes I use the e.l.f light brow liner

That’s all! I don’t usually wear a ton of makeup because I feel more comfortable just letting my skin breathe, plus then it’s like a treat when I do put it on! 🙂

Bedtime routine
  1. Water wash – I always just rinse my face off with water first to wash away the build up of leftover makeup or sweat from my day.
  2. Pacifica Kale Mask/Cleanser – sometimes I wash it off right away and sometimes I keep it on for the fill 15 minutes
  3. Pacifica Cactus Water Toner
  4. Acure Oil Control Moisturizer or Pacifica Renewal Lotion (which ever I have on hand)

It’s so important to make sure you hydrate your skin before you go to bed because you will most likely by pressing your face against a pillow for half the night! Side note, make sure to wash or change your pillowcases every 3-4 nights (or more). You’d be surprised at how gross they can get.

There are so many options for affordable cruelty free cosmetics these days!

Target has quite a few more products that are cruelty free as well! These 3 brands are my favorite and also contain natural ingredients which is a huge plus!

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