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We are beings of energy. Energy can affect us positively or negatively depending on how we experience it. Crystals are also little capsules of energy and can be very powerful if used in the right way.

Healing Crystals

Each crystal holds it’s own properties. They hold physical properties from when they were created by the earth itself like rocks and minerals. They also hold energy properties which can have an effect on beings of energy (like you and me)!

Crystal healing has been around for many many years. There have even been studies performed about how they can have an effect on the vibration of others. Some use crystal healing for alternative medicines and some enjoy being around the positive vibrations.

I find crystals to be simply magical! I wanted to share all about 7 of my current favorite crystals and their energetic properties.

My favorite Crystals


Chakra: Crown
Properties: This beautiful crystal can be used for protection and luck. It is also used to improve one’s memory. This is one of a handful of crystals that doesn’t require cleansing and can also cleanse other crystals.

My Experience: Selenite’s cleansing properties is what originally drew me to it. I found the perfect little tower that stays in our bedroom to keep the space feeling clean and fresh!

Rose Quartz

Chakra: Heart
Properties: This crystal is all about LOVE! Not only does it attract love, but it can also help to promote self-love and confidence. It can also be used to heal the heart from pain and disappointment. Rose quartz can help lower the stress and tension in the heart.

My Experience: I fell in love with the meaning behind rose quartz and new I had to get my hands on some. I passed up a few different styles of the stone until I found a raw piece that was large enough to fit in both of my hands. I needed to have it! It’s now sitting on my nightstand by my bed!


Chakra: Third Eye & Crown
Properties: Amethyst is popularly known for its calming properties. Since it’s most connected to the third eye chakra, it can also be helpful during meditation or times when you need to focus.

My Experience: I picked up my amethyst cluster when I first visited my local crystal shop. I was drawn to the darker purple hues and the triangular shape of the cluster. When I picked one up I immediately felt a sense of peace and comfort. It literally gave me chills 🙂


Chakra: Throat & Third Eye
Properties: This dark-colored stone can help to enhance communication and opening the mind to psychic abilities. It can also aid in revealing your true intentions in times when the path may seem a little fuzzy.

My Experience: This was the first crystal I ever owned. I was gifted it by a friend who I met through Instagram and happens to own the cutest vegan clothing line PLNT BSD! I recently become more connected to it after listening to the Your Own Magic podcast and hearing Allie talk about the story behind Labradorite. (this podcast is one to add to your library asap)

Orange Calcite

Chakra: Sacral & Solar Plexus
Properties: This crystal enhances creativity by removing blockages and can even help you be less lazy. It is also connected to growing your business and accumulating wealth.

My Experience: I already had a blue calcite crystal and was drawn to the orange one on a day I was definitely needing some creativity in my life. I was also drawn to the color countless times before I finally chose the perfectly raw stone.

Blue Amazonite

Chakra: Throat & Heart
Properties: Amazonite can help one to keep calm and feel balanced. It can inspire confidence and hope in times of need. It helps motivate by giving the feeling of power.

My Experience: I was drawn to this stone because if it’s beautiful blue color. I then discovered the properties and was amazed at how perfectly it fit until my life at the moment!

White Opal

Chakra: All
Properties: Opals can breath new life into one’s body by clearing and energizing all chakras and the aura. It brings out inner beauty and gives a sense of power and love. It can also be used to connect with angels and fairies (excited hands!!)

My Experience: I always loved the magic behind opals and found an amazing little choker necklace from Francesca’s the other day while finishing up some Christmas shopping! I love the confidence I feel while wearing it, plus it’s so adorable!

How to Find the Best Crystals for YOU

The best way to find your ‘soul crystals’ is to just wander around a local crystal shop and see what you are attracted to. Quiet your mind and listen 🙂 Happy crystal hunting!

I love reading about crystals at Energy Muse – go check out their blog and online crystal shop!

If you are curious about the properties of a crystal, check out the Crystalpedia! They talk about nearly every crystal you could imagine!


If diving into that vegan lifestyle isn’t what you’re ready for yet, that’s okay! It took me 6 months to finally commit to veganism – now I can never see myself going back! Everyone’s transition is a little different; some go overnight and others take years!

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xoxo Lexi

Healing Crystals

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