Workout Wednesday: Do-Anywhere HIIT Session!

So it’s Thanksgiving Eve and I’m sitting here enjoying some Netflix binging and sipping on some hard cider! Sounds like a perfect evening to me! I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend here in the US, and gets to spend some quality time with family and friends!

Since the majority of Americans go home for the holidays, or stay in a hotel or spare bedroom, I wanted to share a quick HIIT workout that you can do anywhere! All you need is your body and an open space on the floor.

This workout is quick, but will leave you feeling drained! Each giant set will be complete 4 times with only 2 minutes rest between sets and less than 10 seconds between movements.

do-anywhere HIIT workout

Do-Anywhere HIIT Session: Full Workout

Warm Up: March in place 2 minutes + 10 leg swings each leg + 10 arm circles each arm

HIIT Circuit: Complete 4 sets

  1. Tuck Jump Burpees x10
  2. Mountain Climbers x 10 (each leg)
  3. Pike Push Ups x 10
  4. Scissor Lunge Jumps x 10 (each leg)
  5. Pop Squats x 10
  6. Deep Squat Pulses x 10
  7.  2 Minutes Rest

Ab Finisher: Complete 4 sets

  1. Lying Leg Lifts x 10
  2. Bicycle Crunches x 20
  3. Reverse Crunches x 15
  4. 1 Minute Rest

Food Friday: Post Workout Meal

Vega Protein Shake or Smoothie

Refuel your workout with Vega Protein! I absolutely LOVE Vega Products. I tried tons of other plant-based protein powders and supplements before I finally found Vega.

Right now my favorite Protein Powder is Vega Clean Protein, however the Sport Protein packs a huge protein kick if you find they need a little extra protein during you day.

Vega One is also bomb AF because it includes 2 full servings of greens, probiotics, antibiotics, and omega-3s! I usually make a protein smoothie with mine, so the Clean protein is definitely for me!

Check out all their other products and find out what’s right for you! You really don’t want to waste your time like I did on testing out other brands.

vega clean protein

I’m going to share with you my ALL TIME FAV protein smoothie! It’s so perfect I can’t even explain in words, just try it for yourself!

Find your Maca Powder and Peanut Powder easily on! You can also find them at most grocery stores, or for sure at a health food store.

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend and eats lots of good plant-based foods! Check out this post for more ideas for holiday dishes to share!

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