Motivation Monday!

Follow me this week through my fitness plan!

This post will contain one week of FREE gym workouts! If you follow this workout I want to know about it! Please tag me on Instagram @educating.earthlings or comment on this post what you thought! This workout will be focusing on muscle building and toning intervals. There is minimal cardio (YAY!!) and variating muscle twitch fibers. This means we will be switching things up each day! Get ready for a kick butt week in the gym!

Here is your schedule for the week:

Monday – Push: heavy weight w/ low reps

Tuesday – Pull: light weight w/ high reps

Wednesday – Legs: heavy weight w/ low reps

Thursday – Push: light weight w/ high reps

Friday – Pull: heavy weight w/ low reps

Saturday – Legs: light weight w/ high reps

Here are some tips to help you navigate the workouts:

  1. On heavy weight days, use a higher weight. Make sure you are fatigued after the given amount of reps.
  2. On light weight days, use a lighter weight. Make sure you are still performing the movement with good form.
  3. The movements that are outlined in green and have SS next to them will be performed as super-sets. Super-sets are two movements strung together with minimal rest between the movements.
  4. Rest Time: On heavy weight days, take full minute rest (or more) to make sure you are ready for the next intense movement. On light weight days, take shorter rests to keep your heart rate up and to burn more calories during the workout.
  5. Fuel your body with nourishing (plant-based) foods after your workout. Your meals should be high in carbs and plant-based proteins, and low in fat. Check out my Power Bowls and Power Smoothies post coming on Wednesday!!

Monday Push Workout Tuesday Pull Workout Wednesday Leg Workout Thursday Push Workout Friday Pull Workout Saturday Leg Workout

Keep yourself accountable by working out with a buddy or sharing this workout on Instagram post-gym! Tag me and let me know what you thought @loverexi


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