It seems like there’s always “something going around” especially while working with kids (as a nanny), which is why it’s so important to stay hydrated, eat your greens, and get the macronutrients and micronutrients you need throughout your day.

Fresh pressed green juice is an awesome way to give your immune system a little kickstart as well as make sure you’re getting all the greens and vitamins you need. I love green juice with natural sweeteners like carrots, pineapples and other fruits to flavor it up!

Fresh Pressed Green Juice

Today, you’ll learn how you can make your own fresh pressed juice right at home without a fancy (expensive) juicer! All you need is your blender, a large bowl, a strainer and a tea towel. This technique is similar to my Almond Milk Recipe Found HERE.

Make sure to start with the greens. Pack as much as you can into your blender with a little water and pulse until it starts to create green mush. Then add a little more greens and any fruits or veggies you like along with a little more water.

Remember: The darker the greens, the more vitamins and nutrients they have. Spinach and kale are perfect!

Here are a vew variations that I like to use when making green juice. You can always mix and match your favorite fruits and veggies too, just as long as you have a solid leafy-green base.

1. Simple Green Juice

  • greens
  • cucumber
  • celery
  • banana
  • apple
  • water

2. Sweet Green Pineapple

  • greens
  • cucumber
  • carrots
  • pineapple
  • water

3. Fresh Green Power

  • greens
  • apple
  • carrots
  • parsley
  • lemon (no skin)
  • water
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Fresh Pressed Green Juice - No Juicer Required

Fresh Pressed Green Juice

  • Prep Time: 10 minutes


  • dark leafy greens
  • fruits of your choice
  • veggies of your choice
  • (optional) herbs & spices


  1. Start by stuffing as many greens as you can into the blender with some water. Blend on high for a few seconds to break down the greens.

  2. Add in more greens, fruits, veggies and herbs if desired along with more water. Blend on high until smooth.

  3. Place a tea towel in a strainer and the strainer in a bowl. Pour the green pulpy juice into the tea towel and squeeze until dry. Continue for the rest of the batch.

  4. Pour the juice from the bowl into a glass and enjoy! Juice can be saved in the fridge in an airtight jar for up to 48 hours.


Separation is natural
Shake well before drinking leftovers

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