If you follow me on instagram, you may have heard me starting to talk about something that it going to be a huge part of my life and brand! It’s called the High-Vibe Wellness Project which will turn into the High-Vibe Wellness Program!

The project/program will last for a whole year and I will be documenting and recording how I feel throughout the whole journey. The goal of this project is to increase my overall wellness through living a high vibrational life.

The project will become a full program which I will offer all the resources you need to transform your wellness! It will include coaching and tutorial videos as well as worksheets you can complete throughout the program!

I am so excited to get started, and I don’t even know any of the details yet. I think that’s why it’s going to be so beautiful in the end. It will be creating through living life itself instead of just sitting at a desk!

High-Vibe Wellness Project 2018

Here’s a look into my virtual vision board to see where 2018 will take us (made using Prezi)

Why do I have my vision board organized like this? I saw an amazing quote on Pinterest recently and it really spoke to me. I have this dream and it’s only going to be a dream until I do something about it!

“A dream written down becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. Take action on the plan and your dreams will become reality.”

The wellness program will be available to you the first day of January 2019! It will be a beautiful journey and I can’t wait to share everything!

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xoxo Lexi

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