Daily workouts, meal plan ideas, and all the healthy plant based info you can imagine! That’s what this 30 day challenge is all about! Step into 30 days of total body transformation inside and out.

Every new year calls for new goals! When we change ourselves, our lives follow suit and change too. Let’s make these changes positive ones by fueling our bodies with wholesome foods and challenging ourselves with new workouts.

Each workout can be done in the gym or at home with little equipment. At the gym you will need to have access to dumbbells, a barbell, a bench, and a cable machine. At home you will need to have a pair (or two pairs) of dumbbells, a chair, and resistance bands.

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Before each workout warm up your muscles by performing bodyweight exercises and dynamic stretches. After each workout cool down with some light cardio or static stretching.

Terms to Know

Superset: Two movements strung together into one set. There is no rest between movements.

Triset: Three movements strung together into one set. There is no rest between movements.

Circuit: More than three movements strung together into a giant set. There is no rest between movements.

Finisher: The last movement done in the workout. The focus is to burn out the focus muscle for maximum results.

HIIT: High intensity interval training. Intervals of high intensity followed by low intensity. Examples are sprints or weight lifting.

LISS: Low intensity steady state. Cardio done that keeps your heart rate steady and in the (lower) fat burning state.

Let’s start getting into the Fitness Plan! You can download the detailed plan HERE you will also receive a starter pack with more info about how to succeed in this challenge!

At Home & Gym Workout Schedule: Week 1

30 Day Challenge Week 1

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Day 1: Meal Prep

Check out this post to find out the best way to fuel your body during week 1 of the challenge. A full grocery list is included to help you plan for the healthiest week of your life!

Day 2: Power Legs

We are starting out strong with legs, focusing on power and strength. Plyometrics will help to warm up your muscles and get them ready to lift some weights!

At Home: At home you may be limited to one weight. Instead of just stopping at 10 reps, keep adding more reps until you feel the burn!

Gym Workout: Challenge yourself by pushing extra weight! Use the barbell from the squat rack and keep adding weight until your last 3 reps in the set are challenging for you.

Day 3: Cardio & Abs

HIIT is probably the best kind of cardio! Fat burning and metabolism boosting, HIIT circuits are your new best friend. Followed by an ab circuit, this is the perfect recovery day after that killer leg workout.

Day 4: Back & Shoulders

Today we focus on pulling movements that use the muscles in our back and shoulders. It’s good to work on muscles groups that share the same movements such as pulling or pushing.

Day 5: Arms & Abs

When completing each movement today, focus your mind on the muscle you are working. If you are doing bicep curls, think about pulling the weight up with only that muscle and squeeze it at the top. Doing this will engage the focus muscle even more!

Day 6: Legs – Glute Focus

Always squeeze the glutes when performing each movement. Drive your feet into the floor and your knees out. To protect your back, make sure to keep your posture and your back straight.

Day 7: Chest & Shoulders

When using the resistance bands, there is a helpful trick I’ve learned over the years. You can use the corner of a door, next to the hinge, and a water bottle to tightly fasten the band. Fold the band in half and push it through the crack in the open door next to the hinge. Place the water bottle through the loop on the other side of the door and pull it tight!

Use the information above along with this free Ftiness Plan eBook to start working on a whole new you!

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