Home Workout Hack: How to get fit at home

Home Workout Hack: How to get fit at home

There are tons of days when we all miss out on that gym workout. We either wake up too late for the morning session, or we dread the evening zoo that it turns into. Some of us don’t even have the luxury of a gym membership and always workout at home.

One of my favorite things about a full gym is the cable machines! They are so versatile and you can literally work your whole body to fatigue on those babies. But, how do we get fit at home while we don’t have access to a cable machine? Guess what, I have a secret for you:

Here is your new favorite HOME WORKOUT HACK

Home Workout Hack: Get Fit at Home

Yup that’s all you’re going to need for this hack! A kitchen or hand towel and a resistance band. Okay, I lied, you’ll also need access to a door frame (which we all have somewhere in the house/apartment/condo/wherever home is for you).

If you follow these 4 simple steps to set up your cable machine at home, and you’ll be well on your way to getting fit at home! Head over the the freebie library where you can access some awesome workouts that utilize this resistance band trick!

Step 1: Make Space

Find a door frame in your house that you will be able to do the arm circle test. Stick your arms out to the side and do a few spins to make sure you’re not going to hit anything (you know like we used to do in elementary gym class when the teacher wanted to make sure we weren’t going to smack each other in the face). Do the same thing while your sitting to make sure there’s nothing on the floor you might hit.

Step 2: Decide Placement

Choose what movement you will be performing and figure out if you need the resistance band above your head, at arm level or down by your feet. Locate the three hinges on your door and decide which one you are going to use to prevent slippage.

Home Workout Hack: Get Fit at Home

Step 3: Set Up

Fold the resistance band in half to make a loop in the middle. While the door is open, slide the loop through until the handles are at the hinge. Walk around to the other side ofthe door and use the towel as a stopper. Make sure the band is centered on the towel for safety. Then push the towel up to the hinge along with the band.

Walk around to the other side of the door again and you’ll see the resistance band hanging down by the hinge of the door. Pull the two exposed bands level to the floor with one hand, and with your other hand close the door lightly until it latches.

Home Workout Hack: Get Fit at Home

Step 4: Work It!

Start performing your workout! Don’t know where to start? The 30 Day Fitness & Nutrition Challenge can be found in the freebie library! There you will find 4 plus weeks of workouts that you can do right from home with your new workouts hack!

Home Workout Hack: Get Fit at Home


Since some of us struggle to get into the gym every day let alone know what to do once we’re there, here are 5 tips for staying motivated to workout from home.

Tip 1: Sacred Space

Make space in your home to workout. This might be a spare bedroom, office or the middle of the living room! If I end up working from home, I always have to move the coffee table a bit to have enough room 🙂

Tip 2: Schedule Time

Morning workouts, right after the work day, or an evening session! Whatever you prefer make sure you set time aside in your day to workout. If you just can’t decide, think about this. Do you lay in bed in the morning on your phone after hitting snooze a few times waiting until the last possible moment to wake up?

Make that workout time! It sounds hard, but there are so many benefits of working out right away in the morning: boosts your metabolism, wakes you up by getting your blood pumping, gives you more energy throughout the day, stimulates your brain, and so much more!

Tip 3: Variation is Key

Make sure you are doing different workouts each day. It’s okay to have a routine, but make sure that your body doesn’t get used to the same movements over and over again. Results come when your body is challenged!

Tip 4: Eat Healthy Foods

Find the 30 Day Challenge Starter Guide over in the Freebie Library to learn more about healthy eating and why consuming more plant based foods is the best thing you can do for your health and fitness goals. There are tons of great recipes in the recipe section to try as well!

Tip 5: Keep Yourself Accountable

Try using social media to hold yourself accountable. The more people you tell about your goals, the harder they are to break! If you feel more comfortable starting a new instagram or twitter account do it! Then you can follow inspirational people in health and fitness to keep you motivated!


Now the only thing you need to be successful is dedication! You can do this! Don’t forget to download 4 weeks of free workouts from your fitness & nutrition freebie library!

If you haven’t signed up for exclusive access to the freebie library yet, make sure to do so HERE!

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