Human Design – WTF is Authority?

Human Design – WTF is Authority?

Have you ever looked at your human design chart and wondered what everything actually means? It’s confusing at first, but when so open your mind to what the energetics are telling us, it becomes so simple.

Everytime a meet with a client to talk with a friend about their Human Design chart, they are blown away by how accurate everything is! Human design is an experiment that’s here for us to make our lives easier. It give us an excuse to be authentically ourselves.

I’ve created an online workshop all about Human Design, where is came from, how to use it, and where it’s going in the future.
Read more about the workshop by following this link.

So, WTF is Authority?

In Human Design, your authority is the energy center that you should be listening to when you are making major decisions in day to day life. When make decisions based on your authority properly, you become more in flow with the Universe!

Take a moment and think about how you usually make decisions…

Most of us will use the power of our mind to make rational decisions, to weigh the pros and cons, or to choose based on what we SHOULD be doing… Guess what the interesting part is! Not a single human has mental authority, it doesn’t exist. The reason why we’ve always used our minds to make decisions, is because we’ve been conditioned to do so.

Human Design is here to tell us it’s so much easier than using our minds. Each and every one of us has a specific energetic way to make decisions. Even though it’s good to take the pros and cons into consideration, it’s not what’s best for your soul. What’s best for your soul to live in alignment with your energetics an to listen to what your inner authority is telling you.

Inner Authorities

There are 7 inner authorities that can be found in your Human Design Chart. If you haven’t looked up your chart, do this first. You can get a free chart at mybodygraph.com (this is what I use with my clients).

Here is a list of all 7 different authorities and how many % of use each of the authorities.

  • 50% Emotional – Solar Plexus
  • 33% Sacral – Gut
  • 9% Splenic – Spleen
  • 2% Ego – Heart
  • 1% Self Projected – G Center
  • 2% Environmental/Sounding Board (Mental Projectors)
  • 3% Lunar Cycle (Reflectors)

All of the energy centers are always communicating with us, especially the ones that are closed. There is always one center, or space between (for Mental Projectors and Reflectors), that takes precedence over the rest when determining your inner authority.

Let’s dive deeper into each inner authority and how it works with your energetics – make sure you have your own chart pulled up!

Emotional – Solar Plexus

Half of us have Emotional Authority. Whenever the solar plexus is closed (colored in your chart) it takes precedence over the rest of the energy centers. If you have this center filled in you own your own emotions and feel everything very deeply.

Having emotional authority means that you must listen to your emotions and what they are telling you. Most of you life, you will be riding an emotional roller coaster. Allow yourself to feel your emotions rather than just pushing them down or away.

Patience is key to using your emotional authority correctly. Be patient and wait until you are in a cool, calm and collected state so you can clearly see the right path. If you make your decision based on what you’re feeling in the moment, you might choose something that does not truly serve you.

Be patient with yourself and wait to to see clarity.

Sacral – Gut

Sacral Authority is a signature of Generators and Manifesting Generators. If you have sacral authority is means that your emotional center open and your sacral center is closed.

Having sacral authority means that your gut instincts will be your guide. You have an energy in your gut that your soul uses to communicate with you. If you feel excitement about something in the pit of your stomach listen to that; if you feel an icky lump in your gut definitely listen to that.

The key to using sacral authority as your guide is to ONLY give your energy to the things that light you up, turn you on, or serves your soul. Become in tune with your body and listen to what your gut is telling you. Sometimes your gut will even generate a sound that comes out like “ah-HUH” or “UH-UH” – listen to those sounds

If it’s not a “hell yes!” then it’s a no.

Splenic – Spleen

If you have splenic authority, your emotional and your sacral center are both open. This authority is found in Projectors and Manifestors. The splenic center communicates with feelings of feal, unease, or resonance.

When something is right for you you will resonate deeply with it and feel the excitement rushing in your body. Turn towards this feeling and follow the direction your body is pulling you. When something is not right for you it will make you feel uncomfortable and you body will feel scared. This is your body telling you to walk away from this opportunity or just simply retreat!

These feelings will be instantaneous and will not repeat themselves once they speak, that’s the tricky part. As you learn to listen to these feelings, they will become louder and more obvious in what they are telling you. Exercise using your splenic authority and it will become easier and easier!

The key to using your splenic authority is to not use your mind to over-analyze those feelings. Be present in the moment and listen to them without question.

Act now, reflect later.

Ego (Manifested or Projected) – Heart

Your ego lies in your heart energy center. There are two ways that the ego can take authority in your chart that is usually found in Manifestors and, in rare cases, Projectors.

Ego Manifested (found in Manifestors)

Ego manifested authority is found in Manifestors when the ego/heart and throat energy centers are connected by lines. The throat center gives the power to speak things into existence.

A yes will feel like the heart is being pulled towards something and a no will feel the heart is being repelled away. In order to feel this pull, start talking first. Manifestors are meant to share their ideas before acting on them; speaking about their ideas helps to guide the heart in the right direction by pulling them towards or repelling them away from the idea.

They key for ego manifested authority is to just start talking and see what comes out! Don’t let the mind take over and start analyzing anything until you’ve talked through it first. Find someone you can trust to share your ideas with who will simply just listen. Your voice is what leads you and your heart will follow.

If I want it to happen, I will make it happen.
Ego Projected (found in Projectors)

Ego projected authority is found in Projectors when the ego/heart and self/identity/g-center energy centers are connected by lines. The self/identity/g-center will guide us to purpose and direction. When ego projected authority is present, there will be many other centers left open so this inner guidance is reassuring and comforting for these projectors.

Just like ego manifested, a yes will feel like the heart is being pulled towards something and a no will feel the heart is being repelled away. In order to feel this pull, there must first be an invitation. Projectors are meant to share their gifts and guide others. When an opportunity presents itself in the form on a genuine invitation, the heart will take action by pulling them towards or repelling them away from the opportunity.

Note: Projectors only need to wait for invitations when they are serving their purpose of guiding others. Making decisions to follow their passions and sharing their gifts do not need a formal invitation, but must still feel the pull of the heart giving them purpose and direction.

Let the heart be the guide to freedom.

Self Projected – G Center

Self projected authority is usually found in projectors when the emotional, sacral, splenic, and heart center is open. With all that openness in a chart the g-center will be a comforting inner guide giving you purpose, direction, and identity.

When something is right for you, there is gentle and wise inner knowing that tells you yes or no without any explanation. Projectors with this authority will usually say things like, “I just know! I don’t know why I know but I know.”

Sometimes it will be crystal clear to you right away, but other times the answer isn’t so clear. When you need help figuring out what’s best, allow yourself to talk about opportunities and listen to what you say and how you say it. You have a lot of openness in your chart as well, so make sure to choose someone who will allow you to speak freely without allowing your mind take over and analyze the situation.

I don’t know why, I just know!

Environmental/Sounding Board (Mental Projectors)

Environmental authority or sounding board authority is all about relying on your mind to speak before taking action. However, the mind is never the authority so talking about your options will bring you out of your mind and give you clarity.

Just like with ego projected and self projected authorities, environmental/sounding board authority come with a lot of openness in your chart. Whenever there is openness, there is room for conditioning from others. Make sure to bounce your ideas off of those who you trust.

Find yourself an expander whos energy you want to bring into your own. An expander is someone who has what you want and gives you faith that you can achieve what you want.

Hear yourself out.

Lunar Cycle (Reflectors)

Reflectors are the only ones who have lunar authority. Since every energy center is open, they do not possess their own inner authority. They must rely on the moon when they are making decisions.

Reflectors have such a beautiful gift of having a very strong connection with the moon (anyone with many open centers will feel very connected to the moon as well). If you are a woman and a Reflector, you can turn toward your menstrual cycle for guidance as well.

They key to mastering this authority is to wait. Wait until the moon has made a full cycle and feel the energy it brings to you about your decision. During this time you will be presented with your answer (yes or no). Sometimes it shows up before the full cycle is complete and that’s perfectly okay as well.

Reflectors are very sensitive beings so they must be gentle with themselves through their decision making process. Take it slow and make sure you strip away any pre conditioned notions about how things should be and listen to the moon.

Stay open to the energy of the moon.


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