Inside the Life of Fit Vegan, Green Colleen

Inside the Life of Fit Vegan, Green Colleen

Blog takeover! Today I am sharing a mini interview with a woman who is an expert on living a healthy and fit vegan lifestyle. She has been a huge inspiration for me to keep working hard to achieve my goals and I hope she can inspire you to do the same as well!

Colleen is living proof that taking care of your body with proper nutrition and physical activity is the best thing for your body, mind and soul. Make sure to follow her on Instagram because she is always posting silly stories, killer workouts and yummy foods! @greencollean

Green Collean

Meet Colleen,

Hi, I’m Colleen, also known as ‘Green Collean.’ I am a plant-fueled chick with a passion for health, fitness and world betterment. I am currently working as the Vega Account Manager for the D.C. and Maryland area. I will have been vegan for 4 years on July 5, 2017.

My favorite part about being vegan is how I am making such a positive impact on the world by just living my life.

In choosing to abstain from all exploitation of animals, I am not only significantly decreasing my footprint on the planet, but saving thousands of animals per year. I love that I can better my own health while simultaneously influencing those around me to do the same. I am living my life as I wish others to, being the change I wish to see in the world.

I have always been quite health-focused and even started my own healthy living blog my sophomore year of college. So I initially went vegan as a week trial in efforts to have blog topic material after following a vegan blogger that encouraged me to do so.

I then watched Forks Over Knives and was taken back that everything I was consuming regularly – that I knew to be “healthy” – was actually causing the most prevalent, deathly diseases in our society. I knew I needed to change my ways, and continued on well after that “vegan week.”

I then watched Vegucated, Earthlings and Best Speech You’ve Ever Heard, which opened my eyes to the horrors of animal agriculture and overall animal exploitation. From then on, it was no longer a question. I could not bear to be anything other than vegan.

I was also aware of the great environmental benefits, but it wasn’t until I watched Cowspiracy that I understood how one can not be a true environmentalist and eat meat and cheese.

With the motivating factors of the animals, the Earth and my own health, I see no reason not to be vegan and will undoubtedly continue on this lifestyle for as long as I live.

My favorite go-to meal would have to be a loaded sweet potato.

Garnet, jewel, purple, Japanese, they’re all my obsession. My favorite goodies to load it with would have to be brown rice, black beans, chopped spinach, salsa and guacamole. All topped with nooch because duh #vegan.

Green Collean

Fitness means staying active by whatever means possible so that my mind, body and soul are at their very best.

I would say my fitness journey started when I was young, with dance, gymnastics and later, competitive cheerleading. I believe that these sports I was heavily involved in throughout out my childhood set a solid foundation for my flexibility, strength, endurance, rhythm and overall athleticism today.

I believe that I began my more calculated fitness journey when I started my freshman year of college and I was no longer active with regular sports. The only type of exercise I knew outside of typical sports practice activities was cardio – running, cycling, jump roping, etc. I was adamant about not gaining the notorious Freshman 15, so was very regular about my gym time.

This takes us to my junior year of college when I was taught the art of weightlifting by my boyfriend at the time. I believe that this is where my fitness goals shifted from not gaining weight to excelling my athleticism.

I had actually gone vegan just a few months before this and was already experiencing so many amazing physical benefits, which I was sharing left and right in hopes to inspire others to also make the change. The strength I was gaining and the fat I was losing in consistent weight lifting was yet another item on the long list of “look what vegan did for me!”

It has been 4 years now since then and I continue everyday to better my fitness by engaging in some type of strength training, cardio or yoga/stretching almost everyday. Not only does this allow for me to feel like my best self, able to take on anything that life throws at me, but it allows me to be the shining example of what veganism can be.

Supplements? I am a loyal Vega fan!

Shop Vega Products

I do actually use a wide variety of Vega products very regularly. I will consume Pre-workout Energizer before my morning gym sessions, often times Recovery Accelerator immediately after and always Sport Performance Protein in my post-workout smoothie bowls.

During a snack throughout my day or on a morning I don’t work out, I will have Vega One all-in-one shake. I also love sipping on Electrolyte Hydrator throughout the day and especially in the summertime or during and after a hot yoga class.

I have always been a strong advocate for nutrients from real food, and still am. This is why I am highly selective when it comes to supplements. Vega, in particular, is made from all whole plant foods and minimally processed. Consuming Vega products has actually shown to be an excellent way to get in even more nutrients than I typically would in my day to day.

Find your Vega supplements at MyVega.com or in their Amazon Store.

Nutrition is everything.

I truly see my body as a machine that needs proper fuel to function optimally. I see whole plant foods as the gold standard or “premium fuel” that is essential for my body to run.

I eat intuitively, in variety and abundance. I eat intuitively, as in I trust that my body knows what it needs, so I listen when it tells me what and when to eat. I eat in variety, as each macro and micronutrient is vital to optimal functioning. I eat in abundance, as plant foods are calorically a lot lower than animals foods, so I am able to consume heaping portions (maybe one of the best parts of being vegan)!

In eating this way, I know that my body is properly fueled and able to perform at peak. I know this because I have never felt stronger, more vibrant or more in-tune with myself than I am now.

Are you vegan? If not, what’s holding you back? 🙂 Leave your comments below

Feel free to check out my Instagram account @greencollean, and be on the lookout for my brand re-launch of my blog and YouTube channel in the near future!

Instagram – @greencollean

Blog (currently inactive) – chowido.com

YouTube channel (currently inactive) – chowido

I hope you feel inspired after learning more about Colleen’s active and healthy lifestyle! Make sure to show her some love and support her through her brand relaunch coming soon. I will make sure to feature her again when she is finished with all of her hard work.

If you loved reading about another fit vegan foodie, let me know! I would love to share more stories like Colleen’s. If you’re a fit vegan, let me know if you would like to be featured too! I would love to share more about this amazing community and let it grow! #FitEarthlings

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