Kettlebell Workout

Muscle Focus: Legs, Shoulders & Abs

I LOVE using kettlebells for a killer workout! This is the perfect workout to do at home if you have just one kettlebell or add it to your gym routine.

At Home: Check out some places where you can order kettlebells to keep around the house for those busy days or for your daily home workout! Amazon (literally my favorite place) has some great deals on Kettlebells too. Check out this 2 Piece Set or this 6 Piece Set for the perfect at home gym!

At the Gym: I usually add kettlebell moves in with a weighted movement to make a bomb ass superset! You can burn out your muscles faster and feel that euphoric fatigue quicker too. Definitely try it with your next leg or shoulder workout!

Kettlebell Killer Workout

Today’s Workout Challenge

If you have access to kettlebells, try this one out! It’s a 3 set circuit of swings, legs and ab movements. Your body will thank you later 😉

Complete each 3-movement-circuit without resting between movements. Take only 1 minute rest between circuits.

There is a suggested weight on each movement in perenthesies. This is just a segguestion and can always be adapted to fit your needs. If it’s too hard and you are breaking form while trying to complete each movement, drop you weight. If it’s too easy and you’re barely breaking a sweat, up your weight.

Circuit One: complete 3 times with 1 minute rest between sets

20 swings (25)

15 goblet squats (25)

30 russian twists (20)

Circuit Two: complete 3 times with 1 minute rest between sets

20 swings (25)

20 deadlifts (30)

15 weighted crunches (20)

Circuit Three: complete 3 times with 1 minute rest between sets

20 swings (25)

20 sumo squats (25)

15 extension crunches (20)

Add 15 minutes of cardio to cool down, i.e. spin bike, jog, walk.

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I’d love to see your fitness photos (workouts and FOOD!) so tag me on instagram as well @educating.earthlings

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Kettlebell killer circuits

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