Leg-Killer Kettlebell Workout (30 Minutes)

Leg-Killer Kettlebell Workout (30 Minutes)

Working with kettlebells is an awesome way to switch things up in your workout routine. There’s this thing called muscle memory which is when our muscles adapt to our workout routine and learn how to not work so hard.

In order to keep your muscle working their hardest (and staying toned, lean and growing) is to constantly be switching things up. Kettlebell workouts are perfect to throw into the mix and keep your muscles learning!

Before your workout begins, make sure you have your post workout fuel ready to go!

After tearing down your muscles, you need time to recover.  Another thing you need to recover is the correct fuel. I recommend using a dairy-free protein powder along with a replenish/recovery drink. The Vega Sport Line is perfect for all your post workout needs.

To replenish your glycogen and carbohydrate levels by consuming a good recovery drink. Vega has a Recovery Accelerator drink which will help your body recover faster and allow your body to keep burning fat instead of muscle even after your workout ends!

Then build your muscles back up with Vega Sport Protein! (chocolate is the best flave)! If you order online, you can take advantage of the new 45 serving size tub. It’s nearly half the price per serving as their standard 19 serving tub, so totally worth it!

Learn more about the different proteins that Vega offers in THIS POST.

Your pre-workout fuel is just as important as your post-workout fuel!

Start off by making sure you’re well hydrated, since you will be working up a sweat during this workout. Drink a full glass of water (with a squeeze of lemon) and then start prepping your pre-workout drink.

The Vega Sport Line also has the perfect pre-workout supplement that your body needs. It’s only 70 calories and contains just the right amount of carbs and natural caffeine to keep your body going without bogging you down.

Leg-Killer Kettlebell Workout

Let’s get into the workout! For this workout all you need is one kettlebell, and optional barbell for added weight to the first squat set. Make sure to use a slightly heavier kettlebell to make sure these movements are challenging for you – 20, 25 or 30 pound kettlebell is recommended.

For the first squat set you will be performing 100 squats total. If you have access to a barbell then you can do back squats and use a heavier weight for a more advanced workout. If you are using a kettlebell for this movement, then you will be doing goblet squats. You can break these into 10 sets of 10 as shown below, or 5 sets of 20 if the weight you are using seems easy for you.

Superset Time!

For the first superset you will be performing 15 standard kettlebell swings followed by 15 stiff leg deadlifts. For the KB swings, make sure you are bending you knees to a half squat position and keeping your back straight. For the deadlifts keep a slight bend in your back straight and squeeze through your glutes as you stand up. Complete 4 sets total with 1 minutes rest between sets.

For the next superset you will be performing 20 one-arm swings (10 each arm) followed by weighted lunge pulses. Alternate your swings at the top of your swing. Use your kettlebell to weight your lunges with the weight in the opposite arm of your forward leg. Complete 4 sets total with 1 minutes rest between sets.

For the last superset you will be dying! These two movements are both higher intensity so make sure you keep breathing. For the KB swings with alternating side kicks, make sure you are shifting your weight to your planted foot while you are kicking to the side. For the pop squat swings, jump your feet together at the top of your swing and quickly jump your feet back out for the swing between the legs. Complete 4 sets total with 1 minutes rest between sets.

Finally you are on the burnout circuit.

These movements are bodyweight movements, so put the kettlebell down! Complete each move as a continuous walk. Start with one walking lunge on each leg, then side lunge to sumo squat, then the other side lunge to sumo squat again. Take a little breather then do it again! It’s okay to if you need to stop in the middle of the circuit, just make sure you do 20 of each move!

Pin this workout for later! 😉

leg killer kettlebell workout

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