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Welcome back to the 25 days of Blogmas 2017 – Day 8!
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On to the post!

Food. It’s usually the center of everything we do. Someone’s birthday? go out to dinner. Someone’s graduation? serve the crowd food. And don’t even get me started on the holiday season!

Obviously, food is very important and we need it to survive, but when food is the center of everything sometimes we can take advantage of it.

Mindfulness & Diet

Learning to eat mindfully is an amazing thing for your wellness and your soul. The old saying, “you are what you eat” is actually quite literal. Your diet can make or break your health and overall wellness.

I 100% recommend eating a plant-based (vegan) diet. Read more about the science behind eating a plant-based diet in this post & read about the effects a plant-based diet has on your spiritual wellness on this post!

Ready to start a plant-based diet today? Check out my Vegan Starter Guide: The Plant-Based Difference avilable NOW!

But it’s not just diet that plays a role in your wellness, it’s also how you eat your food. Eating mindfully can aid in digestion, your food choices, portion control, and help you truly enjoy your food again!

How to Eat Mindfully

1. Slow down

Slow down to enjoy your food. Savor every moment and flavor. Think about the texture and how each taste forms in your mouth. You will learn to appreciate food more and maybe even discover new foods you’ve never tasted!

2. Sit at a real table

When you sit and enjoy your food, it’s easier for you to slow down and focus on the first step. Eat and converse with friends or family. Share conversations and talk about the food and bright new ideas.

3. Disconnect from all screens

This step is probably the easiest step but also the hardest of them all. Today, so many people are always connected to their phones, a computer screen, or their favorite Netflix binge while eating. Take time away from your screen and focus on your food. Be mindful of what you are putting into your body.

4. Connect your mind to your taste buds

Connecting your mind with your tastebuds will bring you closer to our food than ever before. Treat this time as a mini-meditation time and focus on each individual molecule. Notice how it makes you feel when you eat it and how you feel after you eat!

5. Cook when you can!

Making your own food is as close to it as you can be. Experiment with flavors and spices to discover new creations you love! Use as many colorful foods as you can (especially GREENS!)

It’s okay to be overwhelmed…

Realistically, practicing ALL of these is very hard, especially in the modern day. So start with one and add more of these tips to your everyday life! With time, you will see your appreciation for food and your overall wellness increase!

Mindfulness & Diet - How to Eat Mindfully

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