Minimal Kitchen Organization Tips

Minimal Kitchen Organization Tips

I’m currently sitting in a lovely little coffee shop / art café / bakery here in London writing this post for you guys! I’ve been really enjoying my time here in the UK! So much so that I’m seriously considering moving here to live for a year or two!

The public transportation system is so convenient and affordable plus the people here are all so nice and respectful. I am planning on doing a full round up post of all my favorite vegan spot and all the amazing sightseeing!

Find the London Travel Guide & Restaurant Review full post here (coming soon)

Minimal Kitchen

Alright, let’s get into the real content of this post.

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Lately, I’ve been purging and decluttering everything in my life. I’ve done 2 or 3 clothing donations, sold some high end bags, and just went through my kitchen to get ready for a major downsize to a more minimalistic lifestyle.

I’ve come to appreciate having less. Some items, even in the kitchen, are just “nice to have” or are simply not necessary. Not only does it make the space feel less cluttered, but it also helps create more positive energy within the space.

I’ve been tapping into my spiritual side more and I’m finding that there is so much more to wellness than just nutrition and fitness! The aspect which most of us forget about, and has a huge impact on our overall wellness, is what/who we surround ourselves with.

Feng Shui Kitchen

Feng Shui is a Chinese style of arranging a room or the home so that the energy flows peacefully throughout the space making everyone feel at calm and happy. Energy can be disrupted by clutter, empty corners, tight spaces and many more things.

You must think about where windows and doors are placed in your home as well as the cardinal directions of a compass! Each corner of your home can be channeled to bring certain energies to the space (good or bad).

There are many small rules or laws that go into creating a space with good Feng Shui. What it comes down to is creating a space that feels and looks comfortable to you. Try including greenery like a plant (fake or real) and even things like crystals can have a huge impact on the energy of the space!

Crystals can be an amazing addition to a space since they are earthy and very pleasing to the eye. They also can have a positive effect on the energy flow of the room! I am currently learning more about the different kinds of crystals and how they can help improve your overall wellness! A full post will be here in the near future.

Read about Crystal Healing in this post


Check out the Kitchen Essentials page to shop my recommended products to keep in the kitchen

Kitchen Organization Tips

Applying simple and modern Feng Shui techniques to your kitchen can make it so much easier to keep things organized. Here are some simple tips to create an organized kitchen

  1. Minimize: Get rid of anything you don’t actually need. Start by boxing up everything you haven’t used in 2 months and put it into a separate room; then if you still don’t use them for the next couple weeks, sell it or give it away!
  2. Give EVERYTHING a Home: When you need something it’ll be there and when you’re done it goes right back where it goes.
  3. Matching Containers w/ Labels: Okay, this one might be a little “type A” but it really helps and makes things look very clean. Get matching containers for the fridge or pantry/cupboard. The labels are always a nice touch!
  4. Wipe the Counters: Do this throughout the day as you go. This way there won’t be anything gross that gets stuck or sits there for too long.
  5. Make it Pretty: Add a few cute decorative peices to make your kitchen a lovely place to hang out! Crystals, plants, wall decor, etc. Just make sure to not over do this too much otherwise it will feel cluttered.

Check out the Kitchen Essentials page to shop my recommended products to keep in the kitchen



If diving into that vegan lifestyle isn’t what you’re ready for yet, that’s okay! It took me 6 months to finally commit to veganism – now I can never see myself going back! Everyone’s transition is a little different; some go overnight and others take years!

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