Are Morning Workouts Best?

Are Morning Workouts Best?

Getting a good workout in 4-6 days per week is obviously ideal. The health and fitness industry is getting bigger each day as more and more people are wanting the best for their body.

But when is the best time of day to workout? Honestly, if you make time in your day to go to the gym/run/workout, that’s amazing and stick with it! But did you know that getting a morning workout in is the (arguably) the best option?!

Benefits of Morning Workouts

1. Jump starts your metabolism

When you get your body moving right away in the morning, you force your body to start pumping it’s metabolism. Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) means that your will continue to burn more calories throughout the rest of your day after your workout. If you exercise morning, then you will have more time to burn more extra calories.

2. You’ll burn more fat (if you wait to eat)

Due to EPOC, you will burn more fat during (and after) your workout – ESPECIALLY if you workout on an empty stomach! When you workout on an empty stomach, your body has nowhere to pull energy from. We usually pull energy from the food we eat (most energy comes from CARBS); but when there’s nothing there, we are forced to take energy from our fat stores! There’s so much more science behind this, but that’s for another day.

3. Improved energy throughout the day

Since you’ll be burning more calories throughout the day, that means you’ll be feeling the energy flowing! You might notice that you are hungrier than usual, and that’s okay. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY and eat more food if you feel hungry!

4. Get better sleep

Those who get their workout in earlier in the day will sleep better at night. Remember EPOC? Well, just like during the day, that will make you feel more awake at night, making it harder for you to fall asleep.

5. Less likely to skip your workout

Have you ever found yourself way too busy after work or at the end of your day? Maybe your energy levels are toast or your co-workers invite you out to happy hour. If you had gotten your workout in earlier then you wouldn’t have to worry!

6. Easier to hit the supersets – less crowded

So if you go to a standard gym (like LA Fitness which is where I go) then you know that it’s super EFFING busy between 5-8 pm. The mornings are way less crowded and it gives you space to perform those amazing supersets! Check out my workout section for some gym workouts with supersets.

How to Get Motivated

Step 1: Put your alarm far away

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book! Make sure the volume is loud enough so you can hear it and plug your phone (or alarm clock) in across the room. You’ll be forced to actually stand up and get your blood moving right away!

Step 2: Create excitement

Create something to look forward to during your workout like a new playlist, podcast or your favorite episode (if it’s a machine cardio day)!

Step 3: Make sure to warm up

Since you’ve been sleeping all night, your muscles are going to be cooler. Make sure you don’t skip that warm up walk or dynamic stretching sequence before your workout.

Step 4: Keep it short & sweet

Nobody has time for a 2 hour workout in the morning! Plan for something you can real power through in less than 50 minutes. Give yourself enough time to shower and eat a hefty breakfast before you head to work or start your day.

FINALLY! Pre-Workout Nutrition

Start off by making sure you’re well hydrated, since you will be working up a sweat during this workout. Drink a full glass of water (with a squeeze of lemon) and then start prepping your pre-workout drink.

The Vega Sport Line also has the perfect pre-workout supplement that your body needs. It’s only 70 calories and contains just the right amount of carbs and natural caffeine to keep your body going without bogging you down.

Should you eat something? Some people need a little more fuel to get them going in the morning. I would recommend eating simple fruits like a small banana or apple. Save the majority of your breakfast intake for post workout to feed those muscles!

Post Workout Fuel! Make sure to eat a hefty post workout meal after your morning workout. Breakfast is the most important meal to get your body working AND you need to fuel yourself back up after that workout. So make sure it’s heavy of the carbs and protein and low on the fat for best results!

Here are some perfect post workout meal ideas:
Dope Acai Protein Smoothie
Vegan Scrambled Eggs
Superfood Protein Bars
Chocolate PB Protein Shake
Superfood Overnight Oats


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