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Meditation is simply the act of thinking deeply about or focusing on something – just one thing – for a period of time as a method of focus, relaxation or for spiritual purposes.

The benefits of meditating daily are endless!

There have been many studies done that prove mediation is beneficial to our health and overall wellness. Daily meditation can help to lower your blood pressure, improves your heart rate, blood flow, breathing, and brain waves. source

More Benefits of Meditation:

  • Reduces stress
  • Slows the aging process
  • Helps improve mood
  • Feel more connected
  • Improves brain function
  • Restful sleep
  • Increased attention span
  • Helps fight diseases
  • Increases immunity
  • Improves metabolism (naturally lose weight)

There are a few traditional forms of meditation that we usually think of when this topic is brought up. The truth is, there are so many ways that we can meditate (non-traditionally) and still experience the same benefits!

Traditional Meditation

Seated or “Lotus Pose”

This form is what most people think of when they hear the word meditation. Meditation is more about focus than it is about clearing your mind, so a basic practice is to focus on your breath. Feel your inhale and your exhale with all your senses. If your mind wanders, start counting your breath again and don’t judge your thoughts, just let them go.

Yoga or Tai Chi

Yoga and Tai Chi are also traditional forms of meditation because you are focusing on your body movements and your breath. Experiment with these and see what you think!

Non-Traditional forms of Meditation

Reading a Book

How to: Focus all your attention on the story and the characters. If you feel your thoughts wander to other places, bring them back to the story without worrying about getting off track.

Journaling or Drawing

How to: Allow your pen (or brush) to do with work. Set your mind free and just write, draw or paint. If you “can’t think of anything” that’s okay, just start with describing something or doodling, and let your hands do the work from there. If your mind starts to think about other things besides what you are currently doing, just bring it back and don’t judge thoughts.

Going for a Walk

How to: Slow down and take in your surroundings. Try walking without music or listen to some meditation sounds of Youtube. Open your eyes to things you haven’t noticed before and your ears to all the sounds around you. If you find yourself thinking about the past or the future, bring your thoughts back to the present.

Exercise (running, weightlifting, etc)

How to: Focus on Mind-Muscle Connection. Read the full post for more tips.

How I Meditate Daily

My exercise of choice is weight lifting. I love how it makes my body feel and the strength that can be made from it. I always focus on my mind to muscle connection to maximise my workouts and to fully clear my mind.

After my workouts, I do some intuitive yoga and stretching while focusing on “breathing into my muscles.” This is probably the favorite part of my workouts!

When I make time (usually on the weekends) I do a full traditional seated meditation after rehydrating and a little intuitive yoga/stretching. This feels just amazing every time! I also read at least 3 nights per week before bed and I can feel the benefits!


If diving into that vegan lifestyle isn’t what you’re ready for yet, that’s okay! It took me 6 months to finally commit to veganism – now I can never see myself going back! Everyone’s transition is a little different; some go overnight and others take years!

Are you ready to start your transition process to a plant based-diet right now? Check out my Vegan Starter Guide: The Plant-Based Difference! Now available for instant download! Make sure you subscribe and check your email so that you can get your 5% off code! 🙂


xoxo Lexi

Non-Traditional forms of Meditation

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