Plant Based Community Inspiration: Greens for Grace

Plant Based Community Inspiration: Greens for Grace

Happy Friday my loves! Today I have the honor to talk about an amazing woman who is committed to spreading her passion about eating a whole foods plant based diet. Grace has been a huge inspo to me, especially since we started our plant based journeys about the same time!

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The Inspiring Story of Grace

Meet Grace!

I began a plant based, vegan whole foods diet January 1st 2017.

My journey to living a plant based, vegan lifestyle started one year earlier during my junior year of high school. For the new year (2016) I wanted to make and stick to a new year’s resolution. I decided my resolution would be to go vegetarian, and give up meat and fish for a whole year.

For the first few months I dreaded it, all I craved was a sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich, or chicken nuggets from McDonalds. All my friends at the time thought it was crazy to not eat meat, and would comment every time we went out to eat.

As the year passed my meat cravings were slowly disappearing, and it got to the point where meat made me feel sick to look at. When I moved to California in August of 2016, my head started to clear and what I was eating became more of an importance to me.

After I created my instagram @greensforgrace I began to see more and more vegans, and how they could thrive without any animal products. One day it just hit me and I completely cut out any and all animal products out of my lifestyle.

With the help of documentaries, youtubers and my instagram I was able to finally realize the benefits of a plant based lifestyle, and questioning how I ever ate animal products.

The Inspiring Story of Grace

Food Favs

Now, my favorite thing to snack on is usually fruit, raspberries, apples, or medjool dates, or organic carrots and the eggplant hummus from Trader Joe’s which is oil free!

Fitness Favs

I am currently training for a marathon in July so running has been my main fitness for the past months. I also practice yoga about 4 days a week, and I’m always walking my dog and biking!

The Inspiring Story of Grace

Future Goals

In 5 years I hope to be living either in LA, Hawaii or Australia. My goal is to work with ocean animals, and study them specifically sharks, which will allow me to travel to remote places. I plan to continue spreading a message on my instagram, and hopefully start a blog or a youtube channel soon.

My ultimate goal in life is to live a minimalistic life, preferably on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. I love the outdoors and warm weather, and Hawaii has beautiful weather year round. I hope to be successful, enjoying my job and being able to spread my love for the world, our environment and our animals.

The Inspiring Story of Grace

Looking Back

I wish I had made the connection earlier between food, and animals. I never really connected the meat I was eating came from a living being. Watching videos about the horrors that go on to produce animal products were something I wish I had watched earlier. If you are considering going vegan I would recommend Forks over Knives, Cowspiracy or What the Health. These documentaries are incredibly well done, and show you more about the food you eat, and what it takes to make it.

In my opinion adapting a plant based lifestyle is the healthiest for our body, the most sustainable for our earth and the most humane for the animals on our planet. The next time you head to the store, or out to dinner try and get something that is plant based, every animal matters.

“What have you done to make a difference today?”

I hope you are as inspired as I am right now! What Grace is doing is so amazing and I love how she is sharing her story on social media. I can’t wait until she starts her blog or YouTube Channel! If you are looking to start a blog check out the Educating Bloggers Section to find tips on blogging and what I have learned so far.

If you loved reading about this plant based hottie, let me know! I would love to share more stories like Grace’s. If you’re a plant based enthusiast, just contact me if you would like to be featured too! I would love to share more about this amazing community and let it grow! #FitEarthlings

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