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I do a high intensity workout nearly 5 times a week. Whether that be an outdoor run (not my fav), lifting weights, or doing a quick HIIT workout at home. So, when I shared to my friends and family that I was going vegan (2 years ago), they were concerned that I wasn’t going to get enough protein, vitamins, and minerals in my diet in order to stay healthy…

So, I educated the f*** outa myself to make sure I could keep them informed so they could stop worrying! I think the facts are good enough to share!

The Big Question: Where do you get your protein?

I really go into detail about where vegan protein comes from in a previous post. But basically, protein is made up of 20 different amino acids, 11 we can make all by ourselves, yay for us! And the other 9 we need from food. When a food contains all 9 essential amino acids, it’s called a complete protein, easy to remember right?

Plant-Based Complete Proteins:

  1. Nuts (including nut butter!)
  2. Soy foods, such as tofu, tempeh, miso, and soy milk
  3. Sprouted seeds — each type of sprout has differing proportions of nutrients, so it’s best to eat a variety of them
  4. Grains, especially amaranth and quinoa, are highest in protein and are high-quality proteins
  5. Beans and legumes, especially when eaten raw
  6. Spirulina and chlorella (blue-green algae), which are over 60 percent protein

Shoot for one (or more) servings of complete proteins in three of your daily meals!

You can check out the ESSENTIALS section of my site so see what I recommend taking for supplements & superfoods to keep your body in top notch shape.

Healthy Fitness Habits

Set Goals! Move Your Body! Eat enough plant-based foods (pretty much unlimited amounts)! Drink lots of water! And get enough sleep!

Most of these are obvious, but what I really want to touch on is goal setting. At the beginning of each week or month or even day, set goals for yourself AND hold yourself accountable!

The Wholistic Realistic has some awesome awesome posts for more fitness education. Make sure to give them a read!

Fitness Goal Setting:

Have an idea in mind of what you want to accomplish. Maybe you want to hit the gym 5 days this week after work, or maybe it’s hitting up that morning cycling class twice this week. Whatever it is, write it down, like physically pick up some kinda righting-o-bob and a slice of tree and write it down!

All that’s left to do is follow through!

Here’s how I like to stay accountable

Instagram is my best friend when it comes to this!! You probably already have an instagram account (or you’re a troll who lives under a bridge)… kidding… So start posting your goals there after you achieve them!! This can be your fitness goals or your plant-based lifestyle goals!

My Fitness Routine

I’m gonna tell it to you straight. I was NEVER a morning person…. and I’m still not. But I get my butt out of bed nearly every morning during the week and workout!

If I miss a morning I can definitely feel that my energy levels that day are thrown off. I feel groggy and tired and my metabolism isn’t running like it should.

I always make sure that I do SOMETHING if I miss the morning workout like go for a walk or do some at home HIIT or yoga flow. I like to listen to my body and workout with what feels the best for me at the time. I also make sure that I’m not listening to my mind when it’s trying to be lazy on me!

Read about how Jaiana stays fit with her 9-5 job in her latest post: How to Commit to a Workout Schedule with a 9-5 Job 


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