Harnessing the Power of Human Design

Harnessing the Power of Human Design

If you were to ask me where I thought Educating Earthlings was going to be when I started, I would have never guessed I would be talking about Human Design, the energy of the Universe or offering wellness coaching programs!!

I started Educating Earthlings with the simple intention of holding myself more accountable as a vegan newbie and sharing my vegan recipes as I taught myself all about a plant-based diet and vegan chef skills. It’s grown to be so much more than just recipes and vegan tips over the past two years and I’m so grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way.

I hear a lot of other vegans talk about their experience with making this lifestyle change. The major theme I come across is that going vegan was like the gateway to so much more! Some go in the direction of health and others go in the direction of spirituality – and some both!

I’ve always been a health nut and love how I feel when I take care of my body, but when I started to connect my spirituality with wellness it made a huge shift in my quality of life. Wellness is so much more than just taking care of your body wholesome nutrition. I love to say, “nutrition isn’t everything, but it’s the first thing.” When you start to take care of your body, you create room for your mind and your soul to heal and thrive.

When I discovered Human Design it was like my whole world opened up. I feel like I always knew it was a thing but I had no idea how to explain it, let alone put it into practice. If you don’t know what Human Design is, keep on reading and I’ll teach you all about it!

Human Design Basics

Human Design is all about individuality and differentiation. Each and every one of us has unique energy design, just like we all have a unique DNA makeup. We all came to this life with a purpose. We came to learn, correct karmas, and share our gifts.

Human Design was created (more like discovered) by a man named Ra Ah Ruhu who ‘downloaded’ this concept through an eight day meditation. It adopts many different existing energetic theories including the Kabala, the Chinese I’ching, Astrology, and the Chakra System.

To view your chart for free, head over to mybodygraph.com and plug in your birth info. Make sure to confirm your birth time because the portal can change from one minute to the next and can make a major difference in your chart!


There are 9 energy centers, which mirror the Chakra System, that determine your design type and so much more about how and why you are the way you are. Each energy center that is undefined (aka: not filled in or the color white) is a center that is able to easily take in energy around you. This can be a gift, but it can also mean that you can be easily conditioned by those outside energies in that center.

From the moment we were born, we have been conditioned by outside forces (i.e. our parents, siblings, friends, peers, the media) to be a certain way. Human Design is also about de-conditioning ourselves to let our pure unique energy shine through. When we de-condition and are able to unveil our unique energy design, we come into alignment with who we are meant to be. We call this living by your design.

The deconditioning process is as easy as you make it. Some will tell you that in order to reach your higher self or your true self, you must go through and face all your tramas and that it will take more than 7 years of work to do so. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that hard! You can decondition yourself right now just by learning about your unique energy makeup and living the way you were designed to live.

Design Types

There are 4 different design types that can tell us so much about ourselves. Your design type is determined by the energy centers that are defined (or undefined). This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your Human Design chart, but it’s also the first thing you should look at to start living by your design.


“The Life Force”

If you’re a generator (pure or manifesting), you’ll see that your sacral or ‘gut’ energy center is defined. This is the life force of the Universe which also gives you your own little source of energy right inside of you. In order to harness your energy, you must be doing what you love.

As an energy being, you will wake up each morning fresh with a full tank – as long as you are living by your design. When you are living your design, there is nothing more attractive! Your aura is meant to be open and inviting. You breathe life into the room and others love to be around you.

You are designed to respond to anything and everything that lights you up before you do. Some people call generators the worker bees of society, but I don’t like that. You (any anyone else for that matter) aren’t meant to work your butt off! You are here to do what you love and show others the possibilities that this life can offer us.

Manifesting-generators have a little extra splash of energy. If you’re a man-gen, you’ll have your throat center defined, giving you the ability to put things into the world without having to rely on others.

Since you’re a generator first, you are still designed to respond to what lights you up. The manifesting side of you will want to go and do right away – and you have the power! But before to take action, wait to respond to what your gut is saying to make sure you are truly lit up. You are here to what you love and bring new possibilities to life!


“The Leaders”

If you’re a manifestor, you will see that your throat center is defined without having your sacral / gut center defined. This means that you don’t have to wait to respond to your gut when getting after something new. You are powerful enough to initiate and act without any help from outside forces.

You are designed to inform those around you before you lead. This will create a sacred bond of trust with those who agree with you, and don’t worry is not everyone agrees with you. You’re aura is closed and repels others who don’t agree with you so you are always surrounded by your tribe.


“The Guide”

If you’re a projector, you will see a lot of openness in your chart. You are much different from generators and manifestors because you were not placed on this earth to be a doer. You are here to help others manage their energy and recognize their potential.

You are a non-energy being. This means that you do not wake up with a full tank like generators do. You are able to borrow energy from those around you (especially the generators) and use it while you guide.Your aura is penetrating and is able to see into the other person clearly. Others are able to be themselves around you and will look to your for guidance, so long as you are living by your design.

You are designed to wait for the invitation before you guide others. When you try to impose on the path of those who are not ready for your guidance you will feel resistance and it will be wasted energy. While you wait for the invitation from others, dive into anything and everything that you are passionate about. Educate yourself and become an expert in what you love so you can guide others to do the same.


“The Chameleon”

You have no energy centers filled in. You are such a unique being of energy because you make up about 1% of the population. With all that openness in your chart you might be subject to conditioning more than the rest of us, but when you are able to live by your design the openness can be such a gift.

You are able to absorb and reflect the energy around you. Your gift is to be able to take in the energy of your partner, family, friends, tribe and world around you and share what is happening. You are able to feel and experience what others feel and experience. Your aura is protective to your openness and reflective to those around you. Others are able to see themselves in you.

You are designed to live with patience. You must wait a full lunar cycle before making any decisions or acting on something. This takes time to practice because we live in a world where we are expected to do things right away. You are here to live your life along with the flow of the Universe and allow yourself to be surprised for all it has to offer.


There are SO many other aspects to Human Design charts besides your design type. Each and every one of us is different and have a chart that is unique to us.

Not all generators are the same. Not all projectors are the same. No one is the same! Our charts can tell us so much more about our divine energy, like:

  • when, how and where to eat
  • how we manifest things
  • when and how to sleep
  • how to make decisions
  • the best relationship(s) for us
  • how we feel emotions
  • the best career path
  • why we desire certain things
  • where and how to live

the list goes on…

Are you ready to learn how to live by your design, align to your divine self, harness the power of the Universe, and manifest anything you want?
I offer one-on-one sessions for anyone who is ready to dive deeper!
Check out the Educating Earthlings Learning center for all the details on these one-on-one sessions.

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