This post is the second of a 3 post series. I will be walking you through a push-pull-legs split workout routine. Each day of the 3 day cycle you will focus on one movement group. Today we will be focusing on pull movements.

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Leg Workout Coming June 19, 2017

Push Movements

A push movement is anything that resembles pushing away from you with your upper body.
Muscle groups targeted: chest, triceps, front delts & some traps

Pull Movements

A pull movement is anything that resembles pulling towards you with your upper body.
Muscle groups targeted: back, biceps, rear delts & some traps

Leg Movements

A leg movement is anything that uses your lower body.
Muscle groups targets: quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, calves & some lower back

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Before your workout begins, make sure you have your post workout fuel ready to go!

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Your pre-workout fuel is just as important as your post-workout fuel!

Start off by making sure you’re well hydrated, since you will be working up a sweat during this workout. Drink a full glass of water (with a squeeze of lemon) and then start prepping your pre-workout drink.

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Pull Workout: push-pull-leg split

Workout Details

Warm Up

Warm up your back and bicep muscles with 4 sets of 10 pull ups. Use the assisted machine or a resistance band if needed.

Superset 1

Use the seated cable row machine to complete 20 rows. Then use a dumbbell to move directly into the single arm bench rows.

Superset 2

Use a rope connection and set the cable at the lowest setting. Bend slightly at the hips and pull the cable towards your face while keeping your elbows out. Then adjust your grip and move directly into the cable hammer curls.

Superset 3

Use a double cable machine for the rear delt flys. Start facing the machine with your arms in front and pull the cables performing a ‘fly’ while squeezing your back. After completing 20 reps move into the barbell drag curls. Drag curls just means that you keep the barbell close to your body allowing your elbows to move rather than keeping them stable.

Superset 4

Head over the the lat pulldown machine or cable machine and start with a wide grip. After 20 reps move directly into the reverse grip at shoulder width apart.


Complete 20 alternating dumbbell curls (on each arm) for a total of 4 sets. If you start to lose your form as you move through the sets, drop your weight.

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