Happy Valentine’s Day!! Today is the day we celebrate love in all kinds of ways! I think the media makes this holiday more about spending money on your loved ones rather than spending time with your loved ones….kind of a bummer.

Today, I want to share with you this special treat I created with a little pinspiration and some creativity of my own! These Raspberry Ice Cream Floats are the perfect treat for Valentine’s Day to share with your hubby or bestie! First you’ll need the recipe for the Dairy-Free Raspberry Ice Cream!

dairy free raspberry ice cream

Raspberry Ice Cream Champagne Floats

When it’s time for a little treat at the end of the night and you want to do a little celebrating, this is the perfect way to do it! Once you have the ice cream made it’s the easiest drink combo ever!

All you need for the ice cream is 1 can of coconut cream, 3 ripe and frozen bananas, and 1 10 oz package of frozen raspberries. Blend those all together and freeze for a few hours to make it just like ice cream!

Find the full recipe here: Dairy-Free Raspberry Ice Cream

Get yourself a few wine glasses, an ice cream scooper and your favorite Champagne (I think brut goes best with these flavors since the ice cream is already super sweet! Scoop up your one or two scoops of the ice cream and pop the cork! Make sure to slowly add the Champagne so it doesn’t overflow!

Enjoy with some good company and good vibes!

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raspberry champagne floats

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