Should I Limit My Carbs at Night?

Should I Limit My Carbs at Night?

Should Limit My Carbs at Night?

Should I Limit My Carbs At Night? The truth...

Here’s the truth about eating carbs at night: It doesn’t matter.

Carbohydrates are our main source of energy. They are the easiest macronutrient to burn off (compared to fats and proteins) making them easy for our bodies to burn while we sleep.

Some fitness and nutrition experts talk a lot about something called carb cycling. Which means that you eat more carbs in the morning and/or around your workouts and less carbs or no carbs at night.

Here’s the thing… This means that you are intaking more protein and fat from meat (since meat is carb-free). There are tons of studies done around the world that link high protein diets to high cholesterol, heart disease, and other serious diseases.

Since animal protein is harder for our bodies to break down than plant-based protein, we need to pull from our mineral sources in order for our bodies to digest it properly.

Read more about animal vs. plant-based protein in this post: All about Vegan Protein
plant based protein  plant based protein

Back to the truth about carbs!

Just like in the post All About Vegan Protein, when I talk about quality over quantity, the same rule goes for carbohydrates. Eat healthy carbs in abundance and you will have more energy and less fat on your body than you thought was possible!

Now, I’m not telling you to eat bread and pasta all day! What I’m telling you to do is eat an abundance of whole foods. The best source of carbohydrates are from raw fruits and vegetables. Not only do they contain energizing carbs, they also contain essential micronutrients that most people aren’t getting in their everyday diet.

Green Smoothie for Weight Loss

Micronutrients are very underrated in the fitness world today. Most people are more concerned about the macronutrients which are carbs, proteins, and fats. Yes macros matter, but they aren’t everything!

Micros are what most people need to be focusing more on. They contain essential vitamins and minerals that most of us are deficient in. This includes things like calcium, iron, fiber, vitamin D, and other vitamins that we can get from food. Micronutrients Matter!

Another great source of carbohydrates comes from grains and starches. Eat less of grains that are processed and turned into flours, such as bread or pasta products. Stick to grains that are whole: rice, quinoa, or oats.

plant based protein

Healthy starches (form of carb) are potatoes, yams, and squash. Some will consider squash a vegetable, but since we normally cook this gourd, I’ll consider it a starch for this article.

Before when I said eating carbs at night doesn’t matter, what I meant was if you are eating quality carbs it doesn’t matter! Eating any of these carbs throughout your day is just fine! Don’t worry about when you’re eating them or when your workout is. Quality over quantity.

Just eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full.

Benefits of eating tons of raw fruits and vegetables:

  1. Fruits and vegetables (especially leafy greens) are alkalizing! Which means that they have very basic on the pH scale. Our bodies love alkalizing foods to keep them happy!
  2. There are tons of micronutrients on fruits and vegetables that average humans today aren’t getting enough of; like fiber, calcium, and vitamin D
  3. Eating more raw fruits and veggies have been linked to weight loss or fat loss, and have helped some people manage eating disorders.

Benefits of eating unprocessed grains and starches:

  1. Whole Grains can contain tons of fiber and are a great source of plant based protein.
  2. Grains and starches help keep you full for a longer period of time, making it easier to avoid unhealthy snacking in the middle of the day or losing energy.
  3. The whole-unprocessed grains and starches are also packed with vitamins like B vitamins and folic acid.

Let’s Review!

Carbs are your friend. They fuel your body. And let’s admit, they are so delicious!

Don’t worry about when you’re eating carbs or how many carbs you are eating. What you should worry more about is what kind of carbs you’re eating.

Stick to whole plant based foods like raw fruits and veggies, whole unprocessed grains, and healthy starches.

Check out a few of my other recipe posts where I show you how to make your favs (like macaroni and cheese) super healthy and scrumptious!

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