5 Ways to Slim Down with Nutrition Alone

5 Ways to Slim Down with Nutrition Alone

There are tons of trending diets out there that claim low carb and high protein foods are the best. These diets are based on what the food industry wants you to believe, not what science tells us is true.

There are 5 easy ways to slim down with making the right food choices. And yes, this works for everyone!

5 Ways to Slim Down with Nutrition Alone

1. Eat More (healthy) Carbs

Eating more carbs will help you lose weight and keep you healthy. Adding more healthy carbohydrates to your diet is the best choice you can make! Our bodies thrive on carbs which are the best source of energy for us.

Healthy carbs include fruits, vegetables, whole grains (whole oats, rice, quinoa), starch (potatoes, whole corn, squash) and sprouted wheat breads. Unhealthy carbs include processed cereals, enriched flour pastas and processed flour breads; basically anything processed and refined.

When you eat more healthy carbs, you will have less room for the unhealthy carbs in your day. This will help you lose more weight and keep your digestive system happy and healthy!

Read more about the truth of carbs: Should I Limit My Carbs at Night?

2. Stick to Plant Based Protein

Animal protein has a negative impact on our bodies. Not only is it high in fat, but the digestion process is hard on our systems and actually pulls from our vitamin and mineral stores to breakdown properly.

Protein derived from animal foods is also a high acid food. This means it will throw off your pH levels. When your pH levels are on the acidic side (versus the alkaline side) you are at a higher risk of developing heart diseases, diabetes, and it makes it nearly impossible to lose weight.

Stick to plant based protein! “Do plants even have protein)?” you might ask. Yes, yes they do. A very high percentage! And they are low in fat which is awesome for keeping your energy level high and your metabolism firing fast!

Read more about plant based protein: Plant Based Protein Facts & Sources

3. Lay off the Sugar

This is a no brainer! There is so much evidence out there that consuming too much sugar is bad for you, specifically processed sugar. Fruits naturally contain sugar, some higher levels than others, should be consumed in a variety and as much as you body craves!

Processed sugary foods are your enemy. They are highly addictive and the food industry knows it! I recommend limiting them, like a lot. If you cut them out completely that’s even better! But I know that life gets in the way and people throw parties, and Valentine’s Day and Halloween, etc… Just lay off the sugar my friend!

Try this healthy recipe for a quick sugar craving fix: Pink Sprinkle Mug Cake

4. Cut Dairy Intake

Dairy is simply not a health food. It’s just not meant for human consumption. It’s not a secret anymore and people are starting to choose better alternatives to dairy! The dairy industry knows how addictive their products are and they use that to their advantage. Don’t give into the scam and choose plants! 🙂

There are so many great alternatives for dairy and pizza is still delicious without the cheese or with plant based cheese! Try switching to almond milk or soy milk, and slowly cutting out the yogurts and other dairy in your diet.

Check out these brands: Coffee Creamer & Almond Milk & Soy Milk

5. No More Oils

Oils are processed and extracted from their original form. They are very very high in fat which also come with a high calorie count. When you consume oils, your stomach receptors don’t register the calorie intake of the “food” correctly. It’s an empty form of calories that doesn’t serve any nutritional value.

A great alternative to cooking with oil is using vegetable broth to sauté veggies! Sometimes when you are baking, you might need to use a bit of oil to create a soft and moist texture. The best option is using coconut oil compared to vegetable oil or olive oil. Coconut oil had a small amount of nutritional value and is easiest digested by the body. Plus it’s awesome to keep on hand for cosmetic uses!

Try out this minimally processed coconut oil from Amazon: Coconut Oil

5 ways to slim down with nutrition alone

Biggest Takeaway:

Eat a wholesome plant based diet, rich in whole foods, fiber and micronutrients.

It’s not hard to get started on eating a wholesome plant based diet. All you need is a little background knowledge and a good meal plan and you can succeed!

Full Week Meal Plan

I have developed a simple Full Week Meal Plan that is found in the Freebie Library with yummy plant based foods and helpful tips for you to download for free!

Coming Soon: Plant Based Difference Starter Guide and 7 Day Cleanse!

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