It’s Tipness Tuesday!

Tipness Tuesday is something I came up with by combining two words (I like doing that)!

Tipness = Fitness Tip!

You’re probably like, “duh lexi…” But I just wanted to clarify for those who are well, a bit slower 😉

Today’s fitness tip is a simple one that everyone needs to start doing: Write down your fitness goals.

It’s so simple and easy that sometimes people forget about actually picking up a pen and paper and writing down their goals for the week or month!

I suggest keeping a notebook or notepad just for your fitness goals. This will help keep you organized and accountable while working to achieve those goals.

You will be way more likely to achieve your goals after physically writing them down. It doesn’t matter as much if you keep them posted on your wall/fridge or away on your shelf. The physical action of writing with a pen(cil) and paper is enough (however, I’m not saying don’t post your goals on the wall or fridge)!

Tipness Tuesday: Write It Down

Progressive Resistance

Not only do you need to write down your goals, but you should also be writing down your progress. There’s this little thing called progressive resistance which means that you should be doing more work as times goes on.

If you really want to start seeing your results, take progress pictures! Measure your arms, legs, waist, hips and other body parts to see how they are changing. Don’t focus so much on your weight but on your physique.

Another thing that is awesome about keeping a fitness (and/or nutrition) journal is that you will be more mindful of your tendencies.

Example: You usually do your workouts in the afternoon after work because you feel like you have more energy than before work. But the next thing you know, you are heading home after work and just starting dinner and your evening routines instead! This means you need to switch something up and try something new!

Morning workouts can be awesome! Some people are scared of morning workouts, but they are also proven to be a huge metabolism booster and help you achieve your fitness goals!

That’s a Wrap!

Let’s wrap up what we talked about today!

  1. Start physically writing down your goals
  2. Keep your fitness (and/or nutrition) notebook separate from others
  3. Keep track of and record your progress

Awesome! 3 easy steps to start or improve your fit lifestyle!

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