Motivation Monday: Amazing Transformation!

Personally, I have always wanted to look and feel strong. My transformation story is still in progress. After going vegan (eating a whole-foods & plant-based diet) I have noticed amazing changes in my workout game and in my energy levels!

I recover faster after my workouts, and I’ve seem more muscle growth! I don’t hit the mid-day slump anymore and I wake up feeling more energized than ever!

Transforming on a Plant-Based Diet

The transformation I want to share today is not my own, but is a huge inspiration to me and others I know. This girlie has lost 30 pounds just by eating a whole-foods & plant-based diet! Let’s let her do the talking:


“Welp. Little nervous and a little embarrassed for posting something like this but hey, this is the first time in a long time I’m confident with my body. SO here’s a pic of me on the left 18 months ago and here’s a picture of me on the right which is what I currently look like (30 pounds smaller). I wish I could say that I worked out everyday and only ate protein shakes and grilled chicken, but that’s literally the exact opposite of what I did. I work out probs like 3 times a month and I changed my diet by going vegan. So yeah.”


This is so amazing! I love seeing plant-based transformations because it’s proof that grilled chicken and protein shakes aren’t the way to go. Keep in mind that Justine barely hit the gym and didn’t keep track of any macros or calories. She just ate a whole-foods & plant-based diet.

I am following Justine through her journey to learn more about the the vegan diet can really do for her body. I have shared with her a wellness plan to follow to extend that amazingly healthy diet into a healthy fitness lifestyle as well.

Follow her journey on instagram! @HealthyMindBodyVegan


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