Twin Cities Veg Fest was over the weekend (September 9th) and it was a BLAST! There were so many foods to eat and things to do with tons of other like-minded people.

An amazing group of ladies from the Baltimore, Maryland area came to visit Minnesota for the weekend and we were able to explore what the Twin Cities has to offer for the vegan lifestyle!

If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen some pictures and stories about what we did during veg fest and over the weekend. Check out @educating.earthlings for the festivities!

Friday Night at J. Selby’s

We started off Veg Fest weekend right at J. Selby’s. This is an all Plant-Based Vegan eatery in St. Paul, MN and is known for their comfort food. They satisfy herbivores AND omnivores with their amazing plant based alternatives to many American favorites!

Pictured (left to right, top to bottom) – The Philly, Chili Cheese Fries, BBQ Beaf, Corn Dog, Bacun Caesar, Buffalo Soy Curl Wrap, another Corn Dog.
Not Pictured – 2 large Soft Pretzels & Loaded Nachos
And yes, we destroyed this!

Twin Cities Veg Fest

After a walk around the neighborhood and a quick ‘workout’ playing at a local elementary school playground, we were ready for our SoyClones! Just like your favorite Cyclones but without the cow puss.

Pictured – Vanilla Carrot Cake SoyClone, Vanilla Butterfinger SoyClone, Chocolate Butterfinger SoyClone & antoher Vanilla Carrot Cake SoyClone!

Twin Cities Veg Fest

Saturday at TC Veg Fest

The Herbivorous Butcher (the only vegan butcher shop in the country) came to Veg Fest serving their Double Down & Cheese Curds!

The Double Down: Seitan bacon, lettuce, tomato and onions stuffed between 2 chick’n (seitan based) patties and smothered in their secret sauce!

The Cheese Curds: Deep fried vegan cheese curds. Enough said.

Twin Cities Veg Fest

Juice So Good serving some amazing juiced and probiotic shots to help recover from all this amazing vegan junk food!

Twin Cities Veg Fest

The Baltimore Bunch & Caroline from PLNT BSD showing off our fav vegan gear!

Twin Cities Veg Fest

Sarah (the vegan bodybuilder) reppin’ her Ve Gainz crop!

Sunday Brunch at French Meadow

To top off the weekend, we had to hit the one of the best brunch spots that has endless vegan options! From vegan burritos to vegan pancakes to every kind of plant milk you could imagine, we are never disappointed.

Pictured (not really in any order) – Vegan & Gluten Free Blueberry Corn Pancakes, The Classic Vegan Breakfast (includes tofu scramble, vegan sausage, hashbrowns & sprouted grain toast), the Oatmeal w/ Coconut Milk, and more vegan sausages!!

Twin Cities Veg Fest

Follow the Baltimore Bunch!

These ladies had much more time on their hands to explore and capture over the weekend than I did! Go follow them on instagram (where they are most active) and check out Colleen’s blog!

Colleen @greencollean
Angela @eco.angela
Taylor @conscious.tay
Gaby @graditudegaby

More MN Vegans to follow!

Sarah (aka the Vegan Wonder Woman) @vegan.wonder.woman.13
Caroline (owner and creator behind PLNT BSD) @plnt_bsd
Laura (runs the instagram – and so much more – for The Herbivorous Butcher) @1girl2cities


xo Lexi

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