Use Pinterest to Triple Your Traffic: Educating Bloggers Series

Use Pinterest to Triple Your Traffic: Educating Bloggers Series

Welcome to the Educating Bloggers Series!

In this little corner of my blog, I will help you learn the simple steps to starting your very own food blog (or any other kind of blog)! Included will be weekly posts with new tips and ideas of how to get your blog started from the ground up!

This series will show you all you need to know about creating your own blog! It’s going to be long and a little tricky, but totally worth it in the end! If you follow these simple steps and guidelines, you will be on your way to a successful blog and the beginning of a second income (or with a lot of dedication and effort, your main income)!

As I develop my own food blog and learn more helpful tricks along my blogging journey, I will keep posting and updating my ideas and progress! I know that at first, blogging isn’t going to be a full-time job. You are going to need at least a year of hard work and dedication in order for your blog to start earning an income.

But once you finally start generating an income from your blog, you are going to be on your way to financial freedom and being your own boss! How awesome would it feel to wake up each morning and work from the comfort of your own home (even in your PJs if you want!) and create your own schedule and routines based on what works for you!

Okay, let’s get into the third post in the series!

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Learn how to triple your blog traffic using pinterest in just one month

Use Pinterest to Triple Your Traffic!

1. Make a Board Booster Account (Make One Now)

Board Booster is probably the best tool you can use to help you learn more about using pinterest and how to grow you business with pinterest. It’s main feature is pin looping and scheduling, which is a paid feature that pins pins for you without needing to be by your computer or phone! However, Board Booster also has tons of other free features that are most likely under utilized by bloggers.

After signing up for board booster, you are able to find out some valuable info about your personal boards and the group boards you are a part of. After linking your boards to the program, you will be able to find out when the best time to pins is, the top group boards you’ll want to be a part of, viral 3rd party pins of yours and how well each of your boards are performing. And this stuff is all FREE!

Personally, I only pay $5.00 per month for board booster to post a few pins for me and I do most of my pinning manually. Why don’t I just use board booster for everything? I would if it was reasonable! I am still in the early stages of my blog, and I’m not making a livable income off what I have going here yet. The truth is, if I could afford the luxury of board booster’s 100% hands free pinning features, I would! Someday 🙂

2. Add “Rich Pins” to your site using Pinterest Business

Adding rich pins is super easy and if you already have your Pinterest Account converted to a business account, then you are already halfway there! Head over to this page and follow the simple steps to upgrading your pins!

3. Clean up your boards

When you look at your pinterest page, your boards should say something about your brand. Make sure to have a separate board for pins dedicated to your blog. All pins in this board will lead directly to your site. From this page, you should pin to your group boards and other themed boards on your profile. This way you can easily keep track of your repins by checking this board.

Make sure that you only have boards that pertain to your blog theme. I have a few lifestyle boards on my profile, but I talk about those things on my blog as well. You should hide your other boards like cute “puppy pictures” and “dream engagement rings” by setting them to private. This way you can still pin to them and see what you have pinned later, but they won’t be taking up space on your profile.

4. Sign up for Group Boards!!!!!

This is by far the most important step in pinterest success. Unless you are super lucky and is someone who already has tons of followers on pinterest (that are magically in your niche) then you need to sign up to contribute on group boards.

Group boards are boards on pinterest where multiple people can share pinning power to more pinners. To find group boards, use board booster and search for groups in your niche that have a good repin rating. Under reports, you’ll see a tab “Top Group Boards.” Just click on the category you’re looking for and there you go! Note that some top group boards are closed to more contributors.

The best way to be added to a group board is to contact the board creator directly. Sometimes group boards will have rules and how to be added in their description. Usually the best way to contact the group board creator is directly through their email. It could be easily found on their website but sometimes you’ll have to do a little more searching. (the group board creator is always the first person that shows up on the top, the farthest to the left)

Finally, you’ll want to use board booster to add your group boards to the scheduling feature. You don’t need to have them active in order to gain information about that board. I am a part of 32 group boards and am only scheduling pins to 8 of them. This saves me money on board booster, but also ensures that I am staying active even if I don’t find time to pin manually on any given day.

After following these 4 steps, and keeping up on pinning to those group boards, I was able to triple my blog traffic from only 2,500 pageviews in one month to 8,000 the next month!

If you have any other great ideas to boost your traffic using Pinterest, leave a comment below to share! 🙂

Thanks again for reading and tune in next month for Building Your Email List!



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