Vegan Feels Amazing!

Vegan Feels Amazing!

Hey friends! Not sure how many readers I actually have now, but this blogging thing is starting to feel real!

So far I love sharing my transition to a vegan lifestyle and everything that goes along with it! Like feeling amazing!!! I was already a pretty healthy person, so I honestly didn’t think I would actually feel too much better than I already did… Wow was I wrong!

I’ve been hitting the gym (those heavy weights) harder than ever and feeling great! I wake up with more energy and don’t hit that slum in the middle of the day anymore!

I eat what I want, when I want it, and that’s because plant-based vegan foods are all good for you foods so I never feel guilty! I’ve stopped worrying about “carbs” and started worrying about ingredients!

I just love how I feel more energized and happy!

How I grew my following in one week!

This week I’ve been focusing on building my following and my subscribers. I’ve started real subscription list, and even am giving away a bomb ass eBook all about how to create the bestest smoothie EVER!

Tip: If you want more subscribers or followers, offer them something for free! Everyone loves free stuff! This week I went from 0 subscribers to 8! And that’s only from one blog post and a few on social media!! I think that’s awesome!!

Here’s My Free eBook:

If you haven’t downloaded your FREE Ultimate Smoothie Guide yet you’re missing out! I include 8 recipes (5 smoothie & 3 nicecream), the perfect smoothie formula so you can make your own recipes, and an exclusive coupon code for the best over reusable freezer bags for perfect smoothie prep (from BlueAvocado)!

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How To: Affiliate Marketing

Still learning this whole affiliate marketing thing! Even though this week was a struggle, it was definitely a successful one! Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  • Amazon Associates is the easiest one to register for and start right away! (this is where most of my links go)
  • You can make money based on downloads, purchases or even just clicks! COOL!
  • Blogging can become a full-time income (seriously, some people are making 6 figs just through blogging!) #goals!
  • Affiliate marketing can be passive, like you literally don’t need to do anything once you post!

There’s still alot for me to learn and I am grateful for everyone who has shared their journey so far! Well, it’s Wednesday, so that means another What I Ate Wednesday Post! Let’s get to it!

What I Ate Wednesday – Vegan!

Pre-Workout: Amino Energy + BCAAs + Glutamine

As most of you know, I like to start my weekdays with a good workout! Today’s muscle focus was back & chest; full workouts coming soon! subscribe on the left if you don’t want to miss the exclusive release date!


Post-Workout: Vega Clean Protein (Chocolate)

Vega Clean Protein - Educating Earthlings
Vega Clean Protein Powder, Chocolate 19.5oz

I had to restock on the proteins, so this time I went for Vega’s Clean Protein instead of the Sport version! So far I love it just as much! The texture is a little less grainy that the sport version, and with only 5 grams less protein it’s my new fav! (See this post for more info on vegan protein)

Breakfast: Avocado / Almond Butter on Toast

I’ve really been loving the toast this week! I think I’ve actually had it every morning for breakfast so far… oops! The bread is from a local bakery that my nanny family loves to hit up on the weekends (holy amazingness!)

Almond butter is life! So is Avocado! I posted this in instagram this morning, follow: @educating.earthlings for more!!Avo Toast - Almond Butter Toast - Educating Earthlings

Lunch: Leftovers! Squash & Kale Power Bowl!

This was last night’s dinner that I made for my nanny family (but didn’t get to eat) and I always get the leftovers for lunch!! YAY!! This one came with cheese but obviously I opted out on that 🙂

So, remember how I said before how awesome I have been feeling? I honestly think my dairy addiction was holding me back. You guys it was horrible! I ate way too much cheese… But today, I literally don’t even crave it anymore! And it’s only been about 2 months of vegan eats!! WOO!!

Squash Kale Power Bowl - Educating Earthlings

Snack: Green Smoothie (duh!)

I didn’t get my green smoothie in this morning, so I had to have one for a snack!

I modified this recipe that I posted earlier! I swapped the strawberries for mango and pineapple and added this stuff –Amazing Grass Energy Green Superfood Lemon Lime Flavor–  that is pretty bomb! 2 servings of greens and a little energy boost!

Green Smoothie Variation - Educating Earthlings

Dinner: Loaded Garden Burger

Yes, you do see more avocado on there! I ate a full avocado today and I have no shame! I also added spicy mustard, spinach, and 4 fat slices of roma tomato; this was all on Trader Joe’s version of Ezekiel Bread (about a dollar cheaper and slightly softer than the real deal!)

Loaded Garden Burger - Educating Earthlings


PLNT BSD – on Esty

They even have thier own website!! plnt-bsd.com

Last weekend I received my highly anticipated PLNT BSD Tee!!! I was so excited I had to wear it right away (even though I’m gonna be reppin it again at TC VegFest this weekend!

Seriously go check this store out! Caroline is the sweetest and all her clothing is made from 100% vegan friendly materials and methods! 5 STARS!!!!

PLNT BSD tee - Educating Earthlings      PLNT BSD top - Educating Earthlings

If you liked this post, check out my exclusive freebie library of goodies for subscribers! There I have fitness & nutrition freebies that are only offered to subscribers!



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gain access to the freebie library, exclusive updates, and members only discounts

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