Party season is here & Halloween is just around the corner. Hosting a party can be tricky, especially when you’re vegan. Stick to sustainable & healthy options this year with a few easy tips & tricks!

Planning a Vegan Halloween Party

These tips can be applied to any party! Just tweak the details to fit your needs.


Black on Black: Compostable Black Plates, Compostable UtensilsBlack Witchy Table Cloths

Light the Mood: Cute Pumpkin Candles, Classic Flameless Candles

Fancy Skulls: No Evil Skulls, Skull Pitcher, Sugar Skull Banner,

Classic Punch Bowl

String Lights

The Appetizers

Veggie Trays

All natural & organic hummus from Hummustir is on Amazon! It makes it super easy to stir up your own fresh hummus to serve with veggies.

Chips & Homemade Dips

Making your own cashew dips is super easy and amazing alternative to cream based dips. They are perfect with crackers and chips of all kind! Check out one of my previous posts with 2 amazing cashew dip recipes.

Hot Snacks

Homemade hot snack and appetizers are always a hit at parties! If you have the time to make these homemade apps, then DO IT!

Here are a few favs: Vegan Jalapeño Poppers, Loaded Sheet Pan Nachos, Double Berry Pinwheels, Vegan Stromboli, Pineapple Salsa, Potato Poppers

Quick Frozen Foods

Gardein (not sponsored) is THE BEST brand for easy frozen vegan junk foods. These are not health foods, but they are a much better alternative to serving your guests animal products.

You can find most varieties at Target; save a little money per package by buying in bulk (packs of 6-8) on Amazon! Here are some crowd favorites:

  1. meatless meatballs
  2. crabless cakes
  3. porkless bites
  4. crispy chick’n
  5. barbecue wings
  6. chick’n sliders
  7. & much more!

The Desserts

Homemade Vegan Treats: 2 Ingredient Vegan Cashew Butter Cups & 11 Amazing Plant Based Desserts

Best Vegan Candies: Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish, Smarties, Twizzlers, Jolly Ranchers, Airheads, Dots & more! See the full list on Peta.

vegan halloween party planning

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