Getting back on a regular schedule after vacation is always bittersweet. I’ve been focusing a lot of my time on launching a new eBook and cleansing my home space rather than gathering ideas and writing blog posts for 2018. And even though it may not be the best for growth, it feels super good!

My husband and I started off the year with a fun mini vacation to San Diego! We LOVE traveling and plan on doing more and more as we save up some money become more independent from the 9-5 lifestyle!

Vegan Travel Guide Tips

The number one thing I would recommend with traveling as a vegan is to plan ahead. There’s nothing worse than being in a foreign city with no food packed and shitty vegan options to order from.

#1 Tip: Pack Snacks

Bring some food along with you like non-perishable fruits, bagels, nutrition bars, etc. We always traveled with a bagel from the breakfast provided at our stay and some fruit like apples and bananas.

#2 Tip: Prioritize Vegan Resturants

We researched the area before we got there and found places that we wanted to visit. We also were careful to conserve phone battery to do some extra searching on the go. Find places that offer vegan options too and if you are in a pinch, call them and ask questions!

#3 Tip: Be Flexible

Always plan for the best! But not everything is in your control, like the weather. Be ready for anything and willing to change plans if you need to. Adventures are more fun anyway 🙂

What I Eat While Traveling - Vegan - Tempe AZ

San Diego Experience

We had such an amazing time in San Diego but experienced some unfortunate weather. We spent 3 full days in the city and 2 of them were quite rainy. I spent most of the trip joking about how “we get to experience this rarity!” along with an eye-roll…

It wasn’t until our final day (the day we flew home) that the sun shined and we were able to feel the Cali warmth! We spend the morning before our flight hiking a trial that was on our list of things to try to do while we’re there.

We were so grateful for the sun on that final day but also were able to experience the magic created by rain. This trail we hiked (Ho Chi Mihn) is usually a dry little canyon to from the street to the beach.

Due to the past rain San Diego experienced, the canyon was fluttering with fresh runoff water. There were amazing waterfalls and magical streams flowing down the canyon-ish hills we hiked. I said again, “we get to experience this rarity!” and truly meant it.

If this was me just a few years ago, I would’ve let the rainy weather get to me and my emotions. I would’ve sat and pouted inside instead of experience its life it brought to the city and that magic to the trail we hiked.

Life lesson learned: Find the light in everything you do.

San Diego Travel Guide

What I (We) Ate: San Diego Travel Guide

On to the fun part! #whatiatewednesday
I’m bringing back what I ate Wednesdays to the blog and sharing a typical day in the life a couple times per month along with a YouTube video! Yes, videos are coming back in 2018!

Our Favorite Vegan Food Places:
Café Gratitude, v
Donut Bar, vo
High Tide, vo
Juice Crafters, v
Barley Mash, vo
Donna Jean, v
Evolution Fast Foods, v
Draft, vo
Native Foods, v
Jimbo’s…Naturally, vo
Pokez Mexican, vo
Stone Brewing World Bistro, vo
(v = all vegan | vo = vegan options)

Our Favorite Adventures:
Coronado Beach
USS Midway Museum
Belmont Park & Museums
Pacific Beach
Ho Chi Mihn Trail!!!!!!!

Our trip was full of vegan food, nitro brewed coffee & a little too many vodka sodas… Here are how our days looked and the main highlights of our trip!

Saturday: Arrive in San Diego 4:00 pm – Café Gratitude – Hookah Bar

san diego travel guide

san diego travel guide

san diego travel guide

Sunday: Donut Bar – Coronado Beach – Midway Museum – Bar Hopping

san diego travel guide

san diego travel guide

san diego travel guide

san diego travel guide

san diego travel guide

san diego travel guide

Monday: Suspension Bridge – Balboa Park – Donna Jean – Storm on the Beach – Vegan Tacos

san diego travel guide

san diego travel guide

san diego travel guide

san diego travel guide

Tuesday: Shopping – Breweries – Tofu Taco Tuesday – Bar Hopping

san diego travel guide

san diego travel guide

Wednesday: Café Gratitude Brunch – Ho Chi Mihn Trail – Vegan Burgers & Brews – Depart San Diego 5:00 pm

san diego travel guide san diego travel guide san diego travel guide san diego travel guide


If diving into that vegan lifestyle isn’t what you’re ready for yet, that’s okay! It took me 6 months to finally commit to veganism – now I can never see myself going back! Everyone’s transition is a little different; some go overnight and others take years!

Are you ready to start your transition process to a plant based-diet right now? Check out my Vegan Starter Guide: The Plant-Based Difference! Now available for instant download! Make sure you subscribe and check your email so that you can save 10% on the BUNDLE! 🙂

xoxo Lexi

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