This month I’ve been hosting a free workout challenge including strength training programs with gym and home options. Today marks the last week of the challenge! This week will be the toughest and most challenging of them all!

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This week we will be focusing on shredding fat while building muscle. We are able to do this by performing high intensity weight training intervals with a higher rep per set.

Adding workouts like these to your schedule will keep your muscles guessing and keep you from hitting a plateau in your fitness journey. Variation is key to in fitness and nutrition to see the best results!

women's strength training

This 4 week training program will take you through workouts that can easily be done in the gym or at home with just a few peices of equipment!

Check out this post to find out how to get a full gym workout right at home!

What should I be eating during this fitness plan? Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand, you can’t see the results you want with just one!

I recommend a wholesome plant based diet consisting of a variety of fruits and veggies along with healthy plant based protein and plenty of fiber!

Here are the meal recommendations for

Week 4 Fitness Plan:

Breakfast: Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie for Weight Loss

AM Snack: PB Toast

Lunch: Italian Bean Wrap w/ tomato & spinach

Italian White Bean Hummus: white beans + balsamic vinegar + oregano + parsley + garlic + water

PM Snack: Fresh Fruit

Dinner: Essentials Power Bowl

Enjoy another week of fitness and nutrition from Educating Earthlings! 🙂

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