I love finding new ways to workout and incorporate them into my routine. I’ve been getting into a lot of timed workouts lately and am really loving the high intensity! A new style that I love it called Tabata workouts.

What Are Tabata Workouts?

Tabata is high intensity type of interval workout that was inspired by Dr. Izumi Tabata. He is a Japanese researcher who used this protocol in his study on athletes in 1996 (used to see if it would improve the performance of skaters).

Dr. Izumi Tabata used a cycle for his study. All-out extreme intensity for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. This cycle was repeated for 8 rounds or 4 minutes total. He found that this protocol improved both the aerobic and anaerobic systems of the athletes.

How to perform Tabata Workouts

I usually pick two different exercises and alternate them for 8 rounds total (to alleviate boredom). Here are a few examples, and you can do rounds of cardio or even weighted exercises.

(4 rounds of each exercise = 8 rounds or 4 minutes per Tabata):

Tabata 1: Squat Jumps and Lunge Jumps
Tabata 2: Burpees and Mountain Climbers
Tabata 3: Lateral Skates and Knee Tucks
Tabata 4: Air jacks and Sprints

Or, you could combine strength and cardio segments:

Tabata 1: Pushups and Burpees
Tabata 2: Squat/Overhead Press and Mountain Climbers
Tabata 3: Back Rows and Squat Jumps
Tabata 4: Lateral Lunges and Knee Tucks

The possibilities are endless. It’s a great workout in a short period of time.

Here’s a dumbbell Tabata Workout That target the whole body and can be done in less than 20 minutes!

tabata workout

For for more free workouts like this one, check out the workout page!

Before your workout begins, make sure you have your post workout fuel ready to go!

After tearing down your muscles, you need time to recover.  Another thing you need to recover is the correct fuel. I recommend using a dairy-free protein powder along with a replenish/recovery drink. The Vega Sport Line is perfect for all your post workout needs.

To replenish your glycogen and carbohydrate levels, you should be consuming a good recovery drink. Vega has a Recovery Accelerator drink which will help your body recover faster and allow your body to keep burning fat instead of muscle even after your workout ends!

Then build your muscles back up with Vega Sport Protein! (chocolate is the best flave)! If you order online, you can take advantage of the 45 serving size tub. It’s nearly half the price per serving as their standard 19 serving tub, so totally worth it!

Learn more about the different proteins that Vega offers in THIS POST.

Your pre-workout fuel is just as important as your post-workout fuel!

Start off by making sure you’re well hydrated, since you will be working up a sweat during this workout. Drink a full glass of water (with a squeeze of lemon) and then start prepping your pre-workout drink.

The Vega Sport Line also has the perfect pre-workout supplement that your body needs. It’s only 70 calories and contains just the right amount of carbs and natural caffeine to keep your body going without bogging you down.

Want more workouts?

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