Welcome to another what I ate Wednesday post! Every Wednesday I try my best to post about what I ate as a busy vegan, to show others that eating a plant based diet is not only easy, but also delicious and nutritious!

If you are interested in learning even more about eating a plant based diet or just eating healthier in general, check out the recipe section! The Plant Based Difference eBook COMING TOMORROW!! (June 1, 2017).  The Plant Based Difference: A Vegan Starter Guide & Healthy Living Handbook is now available! Check out more HERE!

As you may know, I have been working hard on ‘The Plant Based Difference’ (if you’re a subscriber you’ll get a 50% off code which only lasts a few days)! Today I selected a few recipes from the eBook to have all in one day to show you how you can eat on a plant based diet.

The Plant Based Difference eBook

 What I Ate from ‘The Plant Based Difference’

8:00 am: Breakfast (Post-Workout) – Boosted Berry Smoothie

This morning I hit the gym with some deadmills (see the workout in this post) and a push workout focusing on my chest and triceps. After my workout I really needed some carbs and protein so I started my day off with this Boosted Berry Smoothie! Find the full recipe in The Plant Based Difference eBook.

Boosted Berry Smoothie - What I Ate

11:30 am: Lunch (on-the-go) – Chipotle Style Burrito Bowl

Today, lunch was on-the-go, so I had this leftover burrito bowl, find the full recipe in The Plant Based Difference eBook. I decided to take off the romaine lettuce for my lunch box. TIt was able to keep so much better when you are taking it for lunch to-go.

Chipotle Style Burrito Bowl

2:00 pm: Snack – Overnight Chia Oats with Jam

I’ve been craving more fats in my diet this week and I’m listening! This snack is not only packed with healthy fats but also protein, fiber, calcium, iron and omegas. Find the full recipe in The Plant Based Difference eBook.

Overnight Chia Oats - What I Ate

6:00 pm: Dinner – Ultimate Vegan Burger

For dinner I had these leftover burgers from the eBook in the fridge and they are even better the next day! Veggie burgers take a while to set, so the longer they are in the fridge, they longer they will stay together. Tonight, I kept it simple and just added some pickles, ketchup and mustard!

Ultimate Vegan Burger - The Plant Based Difference eBook

9:00 pm: Evening Snack – Cinnamon Toast

I was still feeling some cravings after dinner, and after drinking a full 32 oz water bottle. So, I decided to listen to them with some cinnamon toast! I used coconut oil as the ‘butter’ (which is best consumed in small amounts and actually holds some great nutrients) and topped it with all the cinnamon I desired. So satisfying!

Cinnamon Toast

Thank you for following me through another what I ate post!

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