Welcome to another what I ate Wednesday post! Every Wednesday I try my best to post about what I ate as a busy vegan, to show others that eating a plant based diet is not only easy, but also delicious and nutritious!

If you are interested in learning even more about eating a plant based diet or just eating healthier in general, check out the recipe section! The Plant Based Difference eBook COMING SOON!! (finally announced a release date of: June 1, 2017)

I have been setting my goals high for this month! I am planning on posting every weekday in May. That means a new post Monday-Friday all month! Wednesdays are for videos and sometimes a “what I ate” post! Today’s video is a what I ate vlog: check it out below.

What I Ate Wednesday*

*This is actually what I ate on Tuesday this week for the sake of posting at an appropriate time on Wednesday 🙂

9:00 am Breakfast: Green Matcha Smoothie & Coffee

In this smoothie I blended: 1 banana, 1 cup frozen mangos, vega protein & greens – vanilla, 1 tsp matcha powder then added half soy milk & half water! It was the perfect start to my day and the mangos really helped take away from the strong matcha flavor!

After running a few errands, I was able to swing by Starbucks and get myself a grande iced coffee with 1 pump of vanilla! If you don’t specify how any pumps they will put like 6 of them in! YIKES!

10:30 am Snack: Banana & PB

I justed smear that PB all over the banana and ate up! This is probably my go-to snack because it’s super easy, filling and satisfying.

12.30 pm Lunch: Unicorn Toast

I did some recipe testing today! I blended up some cashews with coconut milk and added some fun colorful flavors to the mix like raspberries, blueberries, mangos and turmeric! This recipe still needs some perfecting with the colors, but the flavor was awesome! 🙂

4:00 pm Snack: Maca Chocolate & Raspberries

After lunch I snacked on some Vega Maca Chocolate and it was so yum! If you haven’t been able to try out their chocolate bars yet, they are amazing!  I talk more about these over in in this post (posting tomorrow).

Then when I got home, before dinner, I needed a little more of something in my stomach. So, I downed almost a whole container of raspberries! Sometimes I just can’t get enough fresh fruit!

What I Ate - Recipe Testing & Dinner Out

7:30 pm Dinner: Pizza Lucé – Fire Breathing Dragon (Vegan Friendly)

It was such a beautiful day that I was needed to get outside. Since today was a “active” rest day, I felt like an outdoor bike ride to dinner would be perfect! I was able to convince my hubby to hop on our bikes and hit up the nearest Pizza Lucé! They are a pizza chain we have here in the Minneapolis area and they offer some amazing vegan pizza options!

They have 2 different kinds of vegan cheeses (we got half of each) and variations of tofu flavors for different pizzas! We opted for the ‘Fire Breathing Dragon’ which was a spicy twist on your typical hawaiian pizza. The fresh dough was topped with some spicy sauce, jerk tofu, pineapple, peppers, onions, and vegan cheese! The picture doesn’t give it justice.

Thank you for following me through another what I ate post! Don’t forget to watch the video on YouTube!

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